September 30, 2023
O grupo ativista publicou nas redes sociais vídeos da manifestação contra as mudanças climáticas

Environmentalists in Italy stick their hands to Botticelli’s painting

two activists for movement last generation (“Ultima Girasau”, in Portuguese) they stick their hands on the glass protecting the painting springItalian artist Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510). This work took place in the world’s premier Renaissance museum, the Gallerie Degli Uffizi, in Florence, Italy.

The activist group posted videos on social media showing a man and a woman sticking their bare hands on the work, which was painted more than 540 years ago. It is also possible to see a third ecologist helping put up a sign that reads “Ultima Girasau, Sim Gas, Sim Carvao”.

Museum security forcibly removed the protesters. According to the Italian newspaper, Corriere della SeraThe three were taken to the police station and banned from returning to Florence for at least three years.

In a post on Twitter, the group Ultima Generazione defended the act and He stated that “If the climate collapses, all civilizations as we know them will collapse. There will be no more tourism, no museums, no art.”

Frequent cases

In recent months, there has been an echo in the media of other cases of activists sticking their hands on historical paintings. In July, two activists from a movement Just stop the oilwhich calls for an end to new oil and gas extraction, They glued their hands to a painting by Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) as a form of protest. The work is on display at the Courtauld Gallery in London, England.

Activists of the environmental movement “Just Stop Oil” stuck their hands on the frame of the painting Last SupperPainted by the painter Leonardo da Vinci at the Royal Academy of Arts in London on the fifth of this work, the left-wing group sprayed the following message in white: “No new oil.”