February 1, 2023

Epic Games apologizes for the error in its free-to-play Death Stranding game

This past December 25th, the Epic Games Store delivered one of the best Christmas gifts possible by guaranteeing a free download of death strand For all gamers, but a bug ended up frustrating people a bit, since the initial release Director’s cut It was made available by accident.

Thus, in the early hours of the day many people managed to save Death Stranding director cutbut soon after the servers overloaded and the freebie “just” became the popular version of Hideo Kojima’s latest masterpiece, frustrating those who were waiting for the busted version.

Today (30) Epic published a public apology for what happened and explains that all of this happened solely due to an internal error through which the wrong version of the game was activated as today’s offer, which violates an agreement made directly with 505 Games. , who publishes the game on PC.

Hence, the idea has always been to offer only the basic version of death strandwhich would definitely have avoided all this confusion if the process had gone smoothly and smoothly, as it is one of the best freebies ever offered on the platform!

Whether it’s the basic version or the latest and most complete version, everyone should try this amazing experience, so we hope you’ll be able to save the game to enjoy it a lot this new year!