Ernst Perdriel, an artist, ecologist and self-taught

Ernst Perdriel, un artiste écologiste et autodidacte

For Ernst Perdriel, everything can be used to create : scraps of wood or pieces of glass polished by the comings and goings of the tides, children’s toys picked up in bazaars, technological waste, whole or in pieces, and even rebus picked up in a wooded area.

For the past 25 years, the artist cowansvillois uses the waste material of our civilization as a medium. In his hands, these abandoned objects come to life again and transform into true works of art in the form of collages and mosaics. They are sometimes purely aesthetic, sometimes utilities, such as his paintings of the chalk and its holder key wall.

Although he defends himself to be an environmentalist and activist, he admits from the outset that it is not shy to provoke a debate with the public. “As an artist, I say, “why buy materials when there are already plenty that are at hand ?” I like to do my humble little part for the environment, to fight against the overproduction and the tendency to buy things that break, which can be thrown away and repurchased. I believe there is already sufficient wealth on the planet to stop to produce new ones. “

The artist collector invites the people to him and donate their old cell phones. “I have the idea of a series of paintings with that… “

Archaeologist of the future

In the current exhibition at the art Center Dunham, as of today, Ernst Perdriel offers a retrospective of his journey artist since its inception. His paintings, 2D and 3D, all set in old frames, old windows or old wardrobe doors, and are grouped according to the phases it has gone through. “It’s a bit why I called Plots temporal “, says he.

It is also because time is a central element of his artistic approach, he adds. “I always say that I am of the archaeology of the future, as if I was trying to project myself into the future and testify of our time. “

A first expo solo

Ernst Perdriel is an artist essentially self-taught. It has taken a few art classes through her studies in environmental design, but his approach is above all an exploration, ” said the one who began by expressing themselves through drawing before turning towards the collage and then the mosaic, there a dozen years.

If it has been a beautiful period in the 90’s, he admits that he lived in a huge hollow of creation during the first decade of the 2000s. “I started to create by leaving the metropolis for me to install in Cowansville, in 2010,” he says.

Since then, he has participated in several group exhibitions here and here, Sutton, Dunham, Cowansville, even New York and New Jersey. Plots the temporal is its first single player experience in the region.

The artist will also exhibit at the arts Center of Frelighsburg in July.

Want to go there ?

What : Exhibition Plots the temporal, Ernst Perdriel

When : until 14 march

Where : the art Center Dunham

Opening reception : Saturday, February 23 from 14 h to 16 h

Cost: free Entry

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