December 6, 2023

ES emphasizes pandemic influenza and asks residents to avoid searching for protected areas and UPAs

Photo: Alessandra Ximenes / TV Vitória

The State Department of Health (SESA) recognizes that Holy Spirit Today, there is an outbreak of an influenza pandemic caused by the influenza virus, which has affected the states of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in recent days.

In many cities in Espírito Santo, it is possible to observe a significant increase in the number of people seeking health services, complaining of flu-like symptoms, such as coughing, runny nose, sore throat, fever and others.

In the greater Vitoria region, there are records of overcrowding in health units such as Alto Lage in Kariyasika; Gloria, in her villa; Praia do Soa, Vitoria; Carabina in Serra; and Arlindo Villasci in Viana.

The Minister of State for Health, Nicio Fernandez, confirmed that there has, in fact, been an increase in the incidence of influenza-like diseases in Espiritu Santo in recent days, but that this increased demand has not, so far, resulted in a greater increase. The number of hospitalizations and deaths.

In a statement directed to health professionals, Sesa reported that in the past two weeks, the search for emergency care units exceeded the amount estimated at the time, in Espírito Santo.

In addition, an increase in positive tests for the presence of the influenza virus was found. In October, according to the Department of Health, the rate of positivity for this type of exam was 0.04%. In December, through Monday (13), that rate jumped to 7.3% across the state.

According to the secretary, the vast majority of patients infected with the influenza virus have mild symptoms of illness, therefore, the recommendation is that these people avoid seeking urgent and emergency services, such as UPAs and PAs.

“Patient profiles are mild, outpatient, and should be evaluated by primary care. So, find family health units in your area, in your community, so they can also notify you of the possibility of suspected covid-19, so they can do an antigen test , or RT-PCR jacket, and properly notified.”

Influenza vaccine can be given with covid-19

Nicio Fernandez also highlighted the need for the population to get vaccinated against the influenza virus as well, as well as to complete the COVID-19 vaccination schedule.

“The main strategy for fighting influenza, like covid-19, is vaccination. We are calling on the population to get a flu shot, while also updating your blueprint against covid-19. Both vaccines can be applied at the same time,” he stressed. .

According to Sesa, currently, the influenza vaccine coverage in Espírito Santo is 78.6%, and the target set by the Ministry of Health is to be at least 90%.

Therefore, the state has agreed with the municipalities to provide influenza vaccination to all citizens over the age of six months who request vaccination services.

The minister explained that “the state has agreed with the municipalities to implement half a million doses of influenza vaccination during the next fifteen days, with the aim of 50 vaccinations per day for each vaccination center.”

According to Sesa, for municipalities implementing measures against covid-19 in malls, plazas, mobile units or stores, there is also an offer of a vaccine against concomitant influenza.

Another measure taken by the municipalities is to actively search within their territory for persons of priority groups (children aged six months to less than six years; pregnant women; women after childbirth; the elderly and health workers) who have not yet been immunized against influenza. .

“The same measures that protect against the Covid-19 virus also protect against the flu. That is why it is essential to maintain the correct use of masks, to be vaccinated against influenza and to complete the Covid-19 regimen, so that we can reduce the risks of these two main things. The causes of influenza-like illness decrease in the state of Espirito Santo Nicio Fernandez concluded.

Municipalities confirm increased demand for health facilities

Municipal councils in Vitoria, Karasica, Serra and Vila Velha also confirm that there has been an increase in the demand of patients who have taken refuge in the health units of the municipalities, where they have reported the appearance of flu-like symptoms.

Photo: clone / Vitoria TV

In Vila Velha, the city council confirmed that about 50% of the consultations are related to respiratory syndrome.

The Vitoria Ministry of Health reports that it has also recorded an increase in the number of people with respiratory symptoms in the capital since the end of last week, in basic health units and emergency care.

According to the Minister of Health, Thai Cohen, in the PA in Praia do Soa, there was a 71% increase in complaints related to respiratory symptoms. In São Pedro, this increase was 41%.

We have coverage against influenza in 80.4% of priority categories. With the spread of influenza virus in Rio de Janeiro, we need to be careful, and those who have not yet been vaccinated against influenza should look for the health unit closest to their place of residence and get vaccinated. The vaccine is important because of its protective factor against the most dangerous forms of influenza.

Special units also recorded an increase in the number of influenza patients

Private health services have also recorded an increase in demand for patients with flu-like symptoms. An example is the emergency room at Unimed Vitória, on Avenida Leitão da Silva, which was overcrowded on Tuesday morning (14). a report victory paper He saw patients at the site who had flu-like symptoms, and most of them were young men.

Unimed Vitória reports, through a memo, that it has noticed an increase in the demand for people with flu-like symptoms in the emergency room, and because of that, it has already provided an increase in the number of doctors to expedite care. See the full note:

“Unimed Vitória reported that it has noticed an increase in demand for people with flu-like symptoms in its emergency room. The unit has already increased the number of doctors to expedite care and put in place a dedicated assistance team for serious cases that may arise. All measures are being taken to limit the effects of This request. It is worth emphasizing that residents must continue to respect safety and health protocols, such as the use of masks and 70% alcohol, to contain deteriorating respiratory syndromes.”

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