December 2, 2023

Escola do Guara is “reborn” with a new teaching methodology and physical reform

Posted on 02/02/2023 06:00 / Updated on 02/02/2023 13:34

(Credit: Jáder Rezende/CB/DAPress)

Suffering from stigma for many years, mainly due to abandonment and lack of preservation, the Education Center 04 (CED 04) in Guara is now facing a real phenomenon: The increasing enrollment of its students at the University of Brasilia (UnB), Mostly through the traditional entrance examination. In the last two competitions there have been seven endorsements, four this year. The expectation is that there will be more names from the college on the second call. The educational unit includes, for the most part, low-income students Construction City.

Designed as a classroom school 50 years ago, the unit was renamed Centro Educacional a year later. According to the deputy principal, Ana Patricia dos Santos, who has run the unit for 25 years, the building was in tatters and in need of urgent renovations. “Even the bathrooms were closed, and they weren’t usable,” he recalls.

Along with the reforms, the administration has started to invest in new teaching methodologies. Laboratories have been revitalized and computer and multimedia rooms have been created. “We have also begun to promote motivational lectures, always in favor of developing the most important individuals who are aware of their role in society,” says Ana Patricia, noting that these actions have led to close historical contact with society. “Today, students feel much more welcome, in the cognitive, emotional and motor aspects.”

CED 04 currently serves 1,200 students, on three shifts, from high school, elementary, youth education, and adult education (EJA). Of the 119 staff, there are 67 faculty members working in 36 classrooms. Ana Patricia also highlights an action that has produced excellent results and effectively contributed to students’ successful entry into higher education: the Reading Hour project, aimed at primary school. Once a week, the Teaching Unit offers students different reading options, with various titles ranging from comics to famous authors. Action complements writing lessons, which is one of the school’s strengths.


She got approved in Chemistry on Darcy Ribeiro’s campus in the traditional entrance exam, though she also chose the Serial Assessment Program (PAS). Student Maria Eduarda Rodríguez Cunha, 18, attended the entire high school at CED 04, the first two years away. , due to the isolation imposed by the Covid-19 epidemic. For her, who studied on her own for the entrance exam, the attention given by the teachers was essential, in addition to the additional class activities offered by the school.

“I was in doubt between mathematics or some other profession related to the exact sciences, but this impasse was resolved thanks to a chemistry teacher, who was fundamental in my education,” says María Eduarda, explaining that she intends to go deeper into the area, get a degree and follow the steps of the Master. “This school was the big difference in my life and I intend to reciprocate in the same way, helping future generations, who knows, teaching there,” the former student projects.

The teacher in question, Daniela Pazzocchi, reciprocates the respect and reaffirms the commitment of the entire team in the pursuit of teaching excellence. “Maria Eduarda was always very present in class, conscious and disciplined, a behavior that somehow encouraged her classmates to give their best. The relationship makes perception develop, ”says the educator.

Also approved this year in history on the Darcy Ribeiro Campus of UnB University, without taking a preparatory course, student Eileen Santos Machado, 21, benefited from the quota system. She is another example of a CED 04 student studying on her own for the entrance exam, in addition to the support of professors, which, according to her, is necessary to achieve her goal. “The professors at CED 04 inspired me so much, because of the attention I gave them – especially the history teacher, Marcia Diniz, in her inspiring way, who opened my eyes to so many things – and the way they taught me every detail of every subject. They really spared the norm. I was so grateful. So much so that I am now also thinking of teaching. I have been teaching tutoring for a long time, and I take great pleasure in teaching, especially the less favored students, who do not have prospects or any kind of help, “he affirmed.

The best school

Student Maria Vitória, 19, used to accompany her father, bus driver Marcelo Fernandez da Silva, 39, on frequent trips around Darcy Ribeiro’s campus, and finally saw her dream come true this year. Having passed her PAS exam, she will now study archival science at the place she learned to like since she was a little girl. Even with the option to attend university through a quota system, she chose to compete “on equal terms” with the other candidates.

“I deepened my studies, with the support and dedication of professors at CED 04, who are top notch and even outside of their workload, were always ready to clear any doubts. It was the best school I attended in my life. The moment will always be fresh in my memories. Now, with my dream fulfilled I intend to improve myself and give back everything I have learned to society,” says the teenager who grew up in Braslandia.