July 22, 2024

Essential Tips to Increase Your Credit Score at Serasa

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The result credit At Serasa is the result of submitting your profile as a client to any financial institution that wants to apply for credit.

This data shows what your relationship to your accounts looks like. If you pay the coupons on time, your score increases. If you are late paying your bills, your score will go down.

So, if you’re in the habit of paying your bills before the due date and don’t have a debt history, companies will give you benefits.

See below for all about Serasa’s score and tips for earning more points.

How is the result of Serasa?

The Serasa score reports your payment date. The data updated on the Serasa website affects your score, and may vary as follows:

  • 0 to 300 points: high chances of default;
  • 300 to 7000: medium chances of default;
  • 700 to 1000 points: low probability of default;

Tips to raise your score

It’s not possible to quickly increase your score from week to week, as Serasa assesses your financial habits over the course of the months.

However, you can plan financially so that your profile will earn more points.

Check out how to increase your score step by step below:

  1. Leave your CPF clean

It is very important to leave your name clear of pending issues to increase your score, and Serasa allows renegotiation of overdue accounts with a discount of up to 99%.

2. Plan for yourself

Monthly, write down your expenses to organize your money: this is the main way to create a date as a “good payer”.

So be careful not to spend more than 20% of your budget on paying off debt. Avoid unnecessary purchases and pay your credit card bills on time.

3. Use positive recording

Cadastro Positivo is a platform that informs you about your history as a customer, your suspended accounts as well as loans opened.

In addition, the site allows the user to record payments for water, energy and electricity bills, allowing companies to assess their behavior as a consumer.

4. Use “Score Turbo”

Turbo score is a mechanism that makes it easier for the customer to increase the score more easily.

At Serasa Limpa Nome you can check your CPF and negotiation proposals and find the ‘Turbo’ tool to earn more points in your score.

To update your financial information on Serasa, access Location.

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