August 16, 2022
Euro vs Dollar comparison: Understand whether it's cheaper for Brazilians to go to Europe |  Travel and Tourism

Euro vs Dollar comparison: Understand whether it’s cheaper for Brazilians to go to Europe | Travel and Tourism

for reality, The euro has fallen by 13.4% since the beginning of the year until last Thursday (14). For tourists, the price was about 5.40 BRL.

In the face of this decline, the Europe Has it become cheaper for the Brazilians? Traveling to the mainland is more beneficial than going to United State?

The specialists consulted g 1 Claiming that the world, in general, has become more expensive after the pandemic, including travel services.

They estimate that costs food And the Residence Very similar between the US and Europe. On the other hand, traveling to European countries has the advantage of not having to spend visa And more offer flight tickets.

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Even with the euro’s decline, travel to Europe remains costly for Brazilians, who have lost much of their purchasing power in recent years, in the face of rising inflation and rising unemployment.

At a time when residents find it difficult to purchase basic foodstuffs, the journey to Europe seems far away.

“Even when talking about 5 for 1 ($5 = €1) it’s an expensive trip for a budget that’s under pressure here in Brazil. Of course, Class A — and part of the way — says Mariana Aldriguy, Professor of Leisure and Tourism at the University of the South Pacific. B – You don’t notice this pressure.

In addition to Brazil, the cost of living in Europe has also risen, driven mainly by spending on food and energy (electricity, gas and fuel), due to the pressures of the Russian war against Ukraine.

Russia is a major supplier of energy to Europe, and the conflict is generating uncertainty over the continent’s internal supply, says Ricardo Rocha, professor of finance at Inspire.

only the The value of energy increased by about 40% in the Eurozone, in the last 12 months through June. This is a product that ends up influencing the formation of prices for food and various services, such as hotels.

A consumer uses a ten euro bill to pay for purchases in Nice, France, in file photo – Photo: Eric Gillard/Reuters

Rocha remembers, however, that the cost isn’t just in Europe. The whole world is witnessing a rise in prices. In the US, for example, energy inflation also rose by 40% in June

A reference often used for [se ter ideia dos preços do] Tourism in Europe is worth beer or soda. Note that there is a 10% to 15% increase in the values ​​of these products. So, this changes your daily travel budget,” says the USP professor.

The level of spending on food ends up being very similar to Brazilians, both in Europe and the United States.

The general rule is that food and accommodation are always more expensive in the most popular cities, such as New York, Orlando, Paris, London, etc.

one of The exceptions in the fine kitchensays Federico Levy, Vice President of Marketing and Events at the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies (Abav).

“In France and Italy, for example, gastronomy is a tourist attraction, isn’t it? It’s a value service, and there are award-winning restaurants. So, all this makes fine dining restaurants more valuable in Europe than in the United States,” he says. Levi.

Fine dining is more expensive in countries like France and Italy than in the United States, according to the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies (Abav). – Photo: Unplash / Jay Wennington

According to him, because Europeans care more about food – which is less processed than American food – it is It is easier to get quality food in Europe Than in the United States, pay the same price.

This factor is important because In food, the Brazilian makes changes when travelingsays Mariana, of the University of the South Pacific.

“Brazilians try to choose a comfortable and well-located accommodation to reduce the cost of transportation, with changes in food. We end up choosing a hotel that includes breakfast, making a fortified coffee, and sometimes skipping lunch or a street snack.”

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Concerning lodging, Levi, of Apav, says, for now, Luxury hotels in Europe are about 20% to 30% more expensive than in the United States.

“But if we take Average hospitality is quite a bit different between two destinations.

Mariana remembers that today’s tourists have more accommodation options and can assess whether staying in hotels or renting houses would be more beneficial to their travel suggestion.

Flying and chaos at airports

Since it follows the dollar divergence, the depreciation of the euro does not affect airfares. Since US currency is still expensive for Brazilians, flights are expensive to most destinations.

However, flights departing from Brazil to Europe are usually cheaper than flights to the United States. This is because More airlines fly to the European continent than to the United Statessays Professor Inspire Ricardo Rocha.

“From Brazil to the United States, there are a few flights that are very demanding. All you have to do is wait for a visa. It takes a year to line up,” he says.

On the other hand, the European air sector is going through an atypical moment, with flight delays and cancellations due to a combination of staff shortages and strikes in the midst of the summer holidays, Mariana recalls.

This week Heathrow even asked airlines to stop selling summer tickets, plus The number of passengers is limited to 100,000 per dayuntil September 11th.

Therefore, with the lowest bid, Brazilians who want to go to Europe at the moment have to find higher prices and have to face queues and delays at European airports.

Another important item to put on top of the pencil is the visa.

Tourists who want to go to the United States need to pay $160 today (about R$864 at last Thursday, the 14th) to get this authorization.

On the other hand, until now, Brazilians are allowed to enter European countries in the Schengen area without a visa and stay for 3 months.

However, from May 2023 the bloc will require an entry permit, which will be made from the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS). a Etias is not a visabut some sort of online permit, which would be required once every three years.

The cost should be €7 (BRL 37.8 in last Thursday’s 14th quote).

a g 1 Explain step by step how it will work, Check here.

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See 7 points about the new authorization that will be required for travel to Europe