September 25, 2023
European Countries, US Beat Daily Govt Case Records, Strengthening Importance of Vaccine |  National newspaper

European Countries, US Beat Daily Govt Case Records, Strengthening Importance of Vaccine | National newspaper

Of countries Europe And this To us Strengthen The importance of vaccination in the face of records of daily cases Govt.

A France Seeing the tsunami of new epidemics. The French health minister said there were more than 200,000 new cases in 24 hours, a national and European record.. According to Olivier Vran, every second, two French people are diagnosed with the disease Govt.

A Italy It fights time to interrupt the record series. The country has almost broken the ban on 100,000 new daily cases. The Italian government has not seen a recurrence of the epidemic in the number of deaths.

The United Kingdom Calculated lesser deaths in 24 hours. The British Prime Minister finds Omigron less aggressive than Delta, but Boris Johnson The new variant made it clear that there was a real risk, yes, and that was the reason for the hospitalization..

He warned that those who were not vaccinated were eight times more likely to be hospitalized.

Boris Johnson They called on the British to start the year by taking their vaccines “sensitively and cautiously”. Every day the government deletes thousands of SMS messages with the same message. So far, 77% of Britons have taken at least one dose and almost half have even taken the booster dose..

You To us They have never been so affected since the onset of the epidemic.

The seven-day moving average on Tuesday (28) crossed 265,000 new cases. The country experienced such a wave almost a year ago. Hospital admissions and deaths have increased, but they have not peaked.

Anthony Fauci, epidemiologist White House, On Wednesday (29), preliminary data suggest that the Omigron variant is less aggressive and dangerous than the Delta, although more pervasive. He reiterated: Those who have been vaccinated and the booster dose are rarely hospitalized to date.

Going back to school within a week now is a big issue. Some cities, such as Chicago, have sent Govt tests to students’ homes. In the capital, Washington, D.C., students and public school officials have to prove that the test is negative before returning.

In New York, Students who have been in contact with an infected person may be asymptomatic and return to class until the test is negative..