September 25, 2022
European Parliament: Hungary is a global 'electoral autocracy'

European Parliament: Hungary is a global ‘electoral autocracy’

rule of law in Hungary To the point where the country has become “Hybrid System of Electoral Authoritarianism”He highlighted the European Parliament’s decision, which was approved last Thursday by 433 votes to 123 against, with 28 abstentions.

The lengthy 48-page resolution “deeply regrets the lack of decisive action” by European Union (EU) allowed this to happen in Hungarya country ruled by ultra-conservative nationalist Viktor Orban since 2010.

The document also called on European institutions to “pay more attention to the systematic dismantling of the rule of law” in the country.

The press service of the European Parliament confirmed that “the Hungary It can no longer be considered a full-fledged democracy.”

According to the decision, the Hungary You should not receive money to recover after a pandemic If they do not comply with EU recommendations on the rule of law and court rulings.

The EU has adopted the so-called conditionality mechanism, whereby each country in the bloc can obtain resources to recover them only if respect for the rule of law is internally checked.

in july, Hungarian Social Integration Minister resigns after a speech by Prime Minister Viktor Orban classified as a Nazi. When he talked about immigration in Europe, he mentioned that Europeans do not want to be born. Watch more details in the video below:

Hungarian Social Integration Minister Resigns After Speech by Prime Minister Viktor Orban