November 29, 2022
Even those with the SUJO name have guaranteed rights;  here they are

Even those with the SUJO name have guaranteed rights; here they are

Brazil currently has more than 70 million negative people. Having an improper name is a major hindrance when it comes to getting credit in the market, preventing purchases with longer payment terms, for example. But even those who have dirty name There are some rights It must be respected.

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First of all, citizens need to know if their names are dirty so that they can enforce all their rights. The first step is a CPF status consultation. This can be done through the Serasa website or app. Simply click on “Check Debt” to check pending issues.

Dirty name rights

On the Serasa website or app, the citizen will be directed to the screen where the score information is located. It is the score that indicates the date of payment i.e. if a person has a good score, this is a sign that he is paying his bills on time and can be trusted by the market.

On the other hand, those with a lower score – in red – will find it more difficult to get loans, for example. Those who already have a dirty name need as soon as possible to find ways to get rid of outstanding issues and pay the bills to stay in the blue.

One tip is to participate in renegotiation fairs, such as Serasa’s Clean Name. Easier terms for debt repayment are offered, as well as significant discounts of up to 99% of the total value.

But until that happens it is important to be aware of all the rights of the owner of the dirty name, so as not to be subjected to any kind of abuse or embarrassing charges.

See below what these rights are:

  • Not to be charged in an abusive manner;
  • Don’t be threatened.
  • Be careful before you carry your name Negation;
  • go to justice;
  • conclude an agreement;
  • Has your name been cleared on time;
  • Obtain proof of discharge.