December 9, 2022
Every poisonous person exhibits these five signs;  see what they are

Every poisonous person exhibits these five signs; see what they are

Recognizing the signs of a toxic person can help you understand why you feel uncomfortable with someone, even when they don’t publicly mean it.

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One of the components often used by toxic people is passive aggressiveness, which consists of the tendency to indirectly insult or hostile to someone.

To help you determine how toxic people act through passive aggressiveness, check out the following list of the main behaviors these people adopt.

5 signs that a person is toxic

silence cure

The penalty for silence is ignoring a person, either in response or even pretending not to be in a certain place. The silent therapy is passive-aggressive behavior and occurs in such a way that you wonder if it is purposeful.

swearing skillfully

Hidden insults are difficult to recognize because they are usually accompanied by praise. Something like “Your work has turned out to be great, almost as perfect as Anna,” is a form of disguised insult. Thus, the person insults some weaknesses in your character to make you insecure.

angry behavior

Angry people tend to complain about everything around them. Situations such as criticizing someone or not smiling at colleagues are common. This behavior can make others feel uncomfortable about this person, often not even knowing why they feel this way.


Stubbornness can be described as a way of punishing someone, especially when it is done just to annoy someone or to get others to listen to their arguments. Stubbornness is not always considered a negative trait, but it is necessary to understand the reason behind this attitude.

Difficulty completing activities

The tendency to assign responsibility to other people for their activities or to fail to meet deadlines, when it is not related to external events, such as family problems, can be described as passive-aggressive and toxic behaviour.

How do you deal with a toxic person?

One way to deal with the passive aggressive behavior of toxic individuals is to ignore the aggression. You can also ask, “I felt like you were trying to tell me X, is that right?” Thus, it is possible to disarm a person.

If you understand that indirect hostility behavior is bad for you, staying away from you is also another recommended attitude.