May 31, 2023
Everything so far

Everything so far

Having soared in ratings and in the colossal tension range, the original series of Amazon That spoils the superhero genre, not only new episodes have been confirmed, but also a second part in development. That’s why fans can’t wait for Season 4 of boys In the Prime video And wander in the diabolical madness.

At first, one of the most popular and controversial shows on modern television in 2019 came as a sweet – rather gentle – blow against millions around the world. Not only that, more and more were conquered, with audiences increasing by 17% compared to the previous season (and 234% for the first season). As a reaction, the cinematic world Vogt has been expanded.

That said, come with us, who Running Brazilto discover the main information that Amazon Already revealed the fourth season of boys. For example, what is your expectation for the first time in Prime video and contacts with popup squash!

The Season 4 previously official?

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First of all, yes, the series has already been renewed for its fourth and upcoming season. Including, an announcement that happened at the start of the current episode’s package premiere (on June 10). In this sense, the strength and relevance of the project proved even stronger than what we already knew. However, the truth did not cease to surprise the creator. We see:

We look forward to continuing [à 4ª temporada de The Boys] Comment more on this crazy scientist. Plus, this may be the first – and last – time that genitals guarantee the success of something.”. viewer, Eric KripkeCommented during renovation.

– Across diverse

At present, it can be assumed that a file Amazon You want to keep the default setting of 8 episodes for your next order. In the same way, the then-weekly premieres form should also be maintained for Prime video. That is, on Fridays or Thursday nights (recently), in Brazil. On the other hand, it’s safe to expect the series to come back faster this time around. Because? Go on and learn more.

When The Season 4 in The children will debut In the Prime video?

Fortunately, both Karl Urban (Billy Gross) What is the price Eric KripkeThe creator of the series provided information about the pre-production stage, especially the beginning of recording for the next season. In short, with both of them stating that they will be back on set and working as early as 2022. Specifically, in August. check it out:

“I think we’ll start [as gravações da 4ª temporada de The Boys] Already on August 22. […] I can’t wait”. the actor (civilized) was commented before the end of Season 3 (7/8) in June.

– Across collider

“[O que Karl afirmou] Not a secret. In fact, we are scheduled to shoot from the end of August. So here I’m already working on some drafts, but it’s still early days. Right now, I think we’re in the middle of Episode Three. […] At this point, we discover everything.. Kripke Advance after the last end.

– Across diverse

In addition to, Kripke He also said that the fourth season of boys will be more ‘Rich in feelings’ than before. Undoubtedly, the natural theme of the series – based on previous years, the easing of restrictions from the pandemic and the above – is expected to reach Prime video Between July and September 2023. Unlike the last 20 months of waiting.

main theories and conspiracies Give Season 4 from the series

[Nota: SPOILERS do fim da 3ª temporada a seguir]

Undoubtedly, the end of the current season has marked radical changes in general. Among them, the union between Rayan and your father home captainWhich was the most impressive. Since the boy reneged has increasedappears to the audience as the leader’s son Seven. Fearfully, he smiles at the violence of his father and his fans – rather, the devotees.

“Ryan is central to the scenario, as he is half Becca and half home. So if Brutus can find a way to get him to save him, it might be his best weapon with his biological father. But if Cap wins the boy, it will be awful.”. Eric KripkeSerial creator, Obvious.

– Across diverse

Accordingly, the group has increased – which now contains starlight As a new active member – she will have to come up with a new plan to stop the big opponent. Once boy soldier it’s the V temporary out of the game. In this sense, the higher runaway season 2, Cindy – With telekinetic powers – a candidate for a new ally. after every thing, Kripke It has already shown that “It exists” It will eventually appear. as such? we will see.

Still on this side Seven It will also fill the vacancies for the three missing members. So, we’ll probably see the other Sups Join the team. Even with a new “face” he has to take on the cloak black noirAgo I missed It must not reveal the death of its oldest member.

“This is a joke we have been telling from the beginning. Since there are almost no seven members in the Seven. […] Now more than ever, new members who sympathize with the cause of Mad Homeland must join in. After all, now he is the one who makes these decisions forever.”. Kripke pointed out.

– Across diverse

“There will be a different Super that will dress as Black Noir in Season 4. […] It’s definitely not the last time we saw his mantle, but the character who was there until then, is gone. But, we will have a fun and playful new character who will wear the costume. […] We’ll meet you soon”. a statement.

– Across Entertainment Weekly

Finally, another point emphasized by the Creator is that Victoria Newman He would really be like the secret agent of I missed in the conference. Now that she has taken over the position of Vice President from the candidate and her former competitor, Dakota BobAgo deep exclusion Lamar Bishop. This, along with the short remaining shelf life of has increasedindicates the end of the string.

Plus, these are other loose ends that fans hope to catch in Season 4 of The Boys:

  • Like the Express train Will you act then?
  • it will be Cassandra Able to discredit deep?
  • could Stan Edgar CV I missed for one time?
  • Such as starlight Boost your potential?

In short, yes [agora a Luz-Estrela voa]. However, she has to practice. In fact, I’ve done it in the comics, so we’ve always been interested in incorporating this ability. So while she is embracing her strength emotionally, she is enhancing her physical strength.”. Kripke I found out about Grandma at the time.

– Across diverse

What is a file spit Give Season 4 in boys In the Prime video?

In terms of actors for the fourth season of boysAll of the main characters – who haven’t died or left the scene – are sure to return with their own roles. between them, Karl Urban (has increased), Jack Quaid (huh), Erin Moriarty (starlight), Anthony Star (home captain), Laz Alonso (leben), Karen Fukuhara (Kimiko), Chase Crawford (deep), Jesse Usher (Express train), Colby Mineve (ashley) and finally, Tomer Capone (French).

Likewise, in keeping with their open personal parentheses, the following nouns should return:

  • Claudia Doumit as such Victoria Newman;
  • Cameron Croveti as such Ryan Gross;
  • Lily Robbins as such Grace Mallory;
  • Katie Brier as such Cassandra Schwartz;
  • Jim Beaver as a filter Robert Singer;
  • Christian Keys as such Nathan Franklin;
  • Katya Winter as such little girl;
  • Frances Turner as such Monique;
  • Leo Uber as such Janine;
  • Sabrina Saudan like ‘the other’ ashley“;
  • Matthew Edison as such Cameron Coleman;
  • Matthew Gorman as such would you like to (🤢).

However, about Giancarlo Esposito (Stan Edgar), Aya Cash (Storm)And the Jordana Lajoie (Shery) especially the undead duo, Dominic McKellegott (What?) And the Jensen Ackles (boy soldier), highly likely but uncertain returns in Season 4 of boys. On the other hand, comic book creators and fans want more than Paul Reiser as such the legend. We see:

“I definitely admire and respect Paul Reiser [de Stranger Things] For some time. So working with him, such a wonderful, fun guy, was exciting. Not just for me, but for everyone on set. With that, I will take the opportunity to be able to work with him more on The Boys.”. viewer, Eric.Witnessed after the third season.

– Across Limit

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Hey geeks and Sups While serving, they always want to be aware of what’s coming in surprised the universe and season 4 of boys Give Amazon In the Prime video? So, come here, in Running Brazilas well as in YouTube site.