June 25, 2022
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Evidence Suggests Alex Might Be Alive in Secret Truths 2

Rodrigo Lombardi Followers were surprised by posting a photo on Instagram. The actor looks completely different, with a scar on his face and a bruise on his mouth. The apocalyptic view sparked a theory among netizens: Alex, your personality in Secret facts, he may be alive.

In the caption, Rodrigo wrote: “Almost ready”As if you were preparing for something. Many people believe that this is the long-awaited return of the entrepreneur.


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As revealed by TV ObservatoryAnd The actor appeared as a guest on Secret Truths 2, but it is still unknown how many chapters appear. Therefore, there are indications that the strong may have survived the attack he suffered Angel (Camila Queiroz).

Alex’s return may cause a complete perversion of the plot, as the nymph will be arrested in the following chapters for his murder. In addition to, Giovanna Agatha Moreira will lose the right to inherit.

Secret Facts 2 It is still far from finished. NS globoplay It will release 40 unreleased episodes until the second half of December. Therefore, the plot still holds many surprises.

In any case, Alex’s survival is something on the border of imagination. The director was shot several times by Angel and even thrown into the sea. But when it comes to the stories and Sir Carrasco, it’s not hard for such nonsense to happen.

See Rodrigo Lombardi’s post: