December 2, 2023

Ex Cruzeiro, Vitor Roque reaches Ronaldo Fenomeno’s record with the national team

Vitor Roque made his debut for the Brazilian national team on Saturday (25/3) (Photo: Instagram reproduction)

Former Cruzeiro, Vitor Roque, set a record set by Ronaldo, current manager of the Raposa club, on Saturday night (25/3). Entering the field against Morocco, in a 2-1 defeat, the 18-year-old striker became the youngest player to make his debut for the Brazilian national team since Al-Dhahir, 29 years ago.

Ronaldo, the senior partner of SAF do Cruzeiro, entered the field in the yellow jersey for the first time on March 23, 1994, against Argentina. At that time, the attacker was 17 years, 6 months and 5 days old.

Vitor Roque, who left Raposa in April 2022, already in the administration led by Ronaldo, made his debut with the Brazilian national team at the age of 18 years and one month, being the youngest athlete to represent the main team of Brazil since the phenomenon.

In the friendly match against Morocco, Vitor Roque replaced Rodrigo in the second half and spent 30 minutes on the field, but failed to stand out. The striker didn’t finish, only touching the ball six times and hitting two of the three passes he attempted, according to Sofa Score data.

Vitor Roque featured in the last 30 minutes of the match against Morocco (Photo: Fadel El-Sanna/AFP)

Attention from abroad and America is watching

Currently at Athletico-PR, Vitor Roque is one of the gems of Brazilian football. The striker was champion of the South American Under-20 Championship in February and finished as the tournament’s top scorer. Good performances have attracted the attention of some teams abroad, such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and mainly Barcelona.

Spain’s Mundo Deportivo reported Barcelona contacted Atlético PR earlier this year. According to the Catalan media, the values ​​requested by the Brazilian club in Vitor Roque’s negotiations range from 35 to 45 million euros (from R$192m to R$248m).

Two teams from Minas Gerais are observing these negotiations: mainly Cruzeiro and America. Coelho owns 15% of the player’s transfer, and if the negotiation ends at €40m, for example, Alviverde’s team will earn about R$33.9m, in addition to another R$1.1m due for 0.5% of Solidarity. mechanism.

Cruzeiro’s ex-club Vitor Roc will receive 1% and can collect R$2.2m if the athlete is signed for €40m.

Early career in America and Cruzeiro

Vitor Roque started his career in the youth categories of America and reached Raposa in a controversy that even included a false sieve. The youngster was promoted to a professional player at the end of 2021, by coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo, but emerged forever in early 2022.

Cruzeiro scored six goals and assisted in 11 matches before moving to Atlético-BR. In Hurricane, the striker scored ten goals and gave three assists in 40 matches.