June 27, 2022

Ex-Loira do Tchan receives criticism after taking over as Federal Highway Police

Selmara Miranda has been questioned for taking on a trust role within PRF in less than a year with the company

clone / instagram / @silmara_mirandaSilmara Miranda claims that all Federal Highway Police officers have the opportunity to go to a station in Brasilia

Selmara Miranda, 39, criticism after taking the position of trust in Federal Highway Police (PRF) in less than a year of incorporation. Known as “Loira do Tchan”, the journalist was approved in the November 2020 PRF competition for a vacancy in Amazon. On October 21, 2021, the former dancer was appointed to the position of Head of the Social Communication Department of the General Coordination of Corporate Communication of the Executive Council of the Federal Highway Police, in Brasilia. On her social media, the employee refuted accusations that bosses are only occupied by people who have been at the agency for some time. “The position assigned to me on October 21, 2021, published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOU), relates to a position of trust. For this position, there is absolutely no criterion for seniority, being a position of free appointment and dismissal,” said Selmara.

According to the former member of the group “It’s tchan“, the opportunity to move to Brasilia is available to all Federal Highway Police officers, and has nothing to do with the employee’s tenure at the company. It claims that it was selected for the vacancy in the capital through a selection process conducted internally by the agency on February 22. It adds that only 10 clients have expressed interest. live in the Federal Capital.” It is noteworthy that in another national recruitment exercise carried out by the Executive Board of the PRF for civil servants to work in the General Coordination of Social Communication of the Foundation, in Brasilia, we had only 9 applications. There were not enough interested parties to meet the internal demand and there is still a shortfall in social communication at PRF,” the journalist claimed. I also confirm that I have a degree in journalism and an MBA course in strategic journalism and press relations. However, my desire to do well with initiative, proactiveness and good communication definitely helped with the job selection. I will continue to do my best for the police in the field of social media.” Before studying journalism and entering a public career, Selmara was a dancer in the É o Tchan band. She joined as a substitute for Sheila Melo and formed the group for three years.