September 26, 2022
Ex-Minister of Health signs agreement with MP-SC after cutting SUS queue and fine in Brusque

Ex-Minister of Health signs agreement with MP-SC after cutting SUS queue and fine in Brusque

The former Minister of Health of the city of Brusc, Humberto Fornari, has signed an agreement with the Public Ministry of Santa Catarina (MP-SC) to close an investigation in which he was being investigated on suspicion of an administrative offence.

In accordance with the agreement, which the municipality has access to, Furnari cut off the queue for the SUS, as the Minister of Health, and scheduled procedures, such as examinations and medical consultations, for the benefit of people associated with it, political agents and authorized personnel. .or active or who have already occupied these positions.

The document is from 2021 and notes that Humberto promoted the request for licensing of medical examinations and consultations between 2017 and 2018, according to the public ministry.

According to the agreement, it indicated that the attendees did not agree to the normal protocol used in the National Regulatory System (SYSRIG).

However, according to MP-SC, Humberto expressed interest in solving the issue through consensual means. Thus, it was called the Civil Non-Prosecution Agreement, which fulfills the purposes of implementing the Administrative Non-Prosecution Law.

traffic fine

Therefore, the former secretary was punished with a fine of R$26,800, which is twice his wages on the date of the two events. This amount was paid in 12 installments, between May 2021 and April 2022.

The amount paid should be allocated to the Santa Catarina Injured Assets Reconstitution Fund (FRBL). If Fornari does not pay the fines, MP-SC will proceed with the civil investigation and filing an administrative inappropriateness lawsuit.

The report contacted Humberto Fornari, current director of the Brusquense Institute for Social Security (Ibprev). But the former secretary refused to comment on the matter.
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