February 8, 2023

Ex-wife, Deborah Evelyn, has spoken out about Denise Carvalho’s health

Dennis Carvalho’s condition is “very serious” but stable. According to Deborah Evelyn, the director’s ex-wife, it responds to nervous stimuli. Dennis, 75, has been hospitalized since last Monday (26). Treats septicemia – generalized inflammation when the body overreacts to infection.

As for Patrícia Kogut, Evelyn also revealed that Carvalho is being watched closely by the whole family. “The picture is still serious, but its stabilization is good news. He is strong and fights. We are receiving endless messages of love, strength and affection for him. I’m sure he’s got it allHe said. Deborah and Denise were married for 22 years and divorced in 2012.

The first information about Denise’s hospitalization was published by Ancelmo Góis, also from the O Globo newspaper. At the time, he described the artist’s state of health as “very delicate”.

Dennis Carvalho has been in hospital in Rio de Janeiro since December 26. (Photo: João Cotta/TV Globo)
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Denis, who left Rede Globo in June of this year, has already acted in 28 TV series as an actor, in addition to directing 36 projects throughout his career. He also played nine characters in film and theater, and took part in “Hair” in 1970. As a voice actor, he voiced Roger “Rhys” Bannon in Johnny Quest, Corporal Rusty in “Rin Tin Tin”, Captain Kirk in “Journey in Stars” and Jerry in “Tunnel the time”.

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