September 25, 2022
Ex-wife denies abusive contract as businesswoman

Ex-wife denies abusive contract as businesswoman

Wanderlei Cardoso’s ex-wife, Dai Cardoso, has refuted accusations by the artist’s daughter, Cynthia, that she entered into an abusive contract as the singer’s manager.

“I signed a contract that we later found out wasn’t ideal for me,” Wanderley said in an interview with TV Record’s “Domingo Especacular.” According to the singer, a clause in the document introduced by the former prevents him from performing. It denies the charges.

“I don’t remember who did it [o contrato]Day said on the show, but it was Wanderley who did it.

The mother of the artist’s 19-year-old son claimed that she gave up her artistic career to manage the life of her then-husband.

The public fight began with Cintia claiming that her father was unable to play the shows due to the contract he had with Day.

“She had to be together, she had to authorize [ele a fazer shows]. But there came a time when he didn’t want her around anymore, Cynthia said. “Maybe he didn’t have the strength, he didn’t have the courage alone and he asked me for help.”

The artist’s daughter shared a voice sent by her father via a messaging app. “I wanted you to terminate this contract so I can return to the shows,” Wanderley says in the recording. “Once it’s resolved, will you talk to me, please, because I’m tired of being stuck here.”

Breach of contract had the imposition of a fine of 200 minimum wage, which Day denied. “numberThe my head was 20 a wage minimum. numberto me I did, I just gave up the docs, but number I concerned The former businesswoman said.

With the help of his daughter, Wanderlei Cardoso was able to break off the partnership with his ex-wife and Day gave up receiving severance payments. Cynthia said her father is already negotiating a return to the stage.