September 26, 2022
Excess mobile phone is associated with disease that generates many problems

Excess mobile phone is associated with disease that generates many problems

Vision-related problems are usually associated with cell phone use, but not only vision can be impaired through contact.

Nowadays, people cannot live without their smartphone, so it is not difficult to see someone who is constantly writing. Although apps provide everyday practicality, failure to adjust electronics use tends to affect your health.

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When it comes to the corporate work environment, posture is important to ensure that the employee does not burden the spine.

When typing without any pause, those with tendinitis tend to experience some pain. Therefore, one can imagine how the hours spent on social media directly affect the hand tendon joints, stimulating the development of radiculitis.

Coxarthrosis is a disease that increases due to excessive cell phone use.

Coxarthrosis is a disease of the thumb joint, which begins with a tingling sensation. Although it appears simple and harmless, this symptom develops into a stronger pain.

Gradually the structure of the hands begins to wear down, which leads to a weakening of the cartilage and in severe cases, this leads to the development of muscle deformities. Unfortunately, records that include the condition continue to grow, requiring action to educate everyone.

Unfortunately, depending on the stage and factors related to the patient’s physiology, recovery may not be possible.

Therefore, prevention or early diagnosis ensures that the doctor’s interventions are effective to the point of achieving a gradual improvement in the clinical picture. So any symptoms similar to those mentioned, consult an orthopedist immediately.