June 4, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: Pictures show how the gang that smuggled diamonds out of Brazil acted | amazing

Jang records how diamonds are smuggled from illegal mining for sale abroad

The investigation began in 2020, after a suspect from the city of Piracicaba, within São Paulo, was arrested at São Paulo International Airport with rough diamonds. The gem’s destination was in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Since then, the criminal group associated with the man has been monitored.

All the files they were suspected of saving on their mobile phones and computers were stored online in the cloud, and investigators had access to the activities in real time.. The result was thousands of photos and videos showing the organization’s routine. Phone conversations and apps were also intercepted, with more than 90,000 votes.

The thieves themselves incriminate themselves, videotaping everything from illegal extraction to closing a deal.. Images obtained exclusively by amazingshowing diamonds in the rough stone selection process and even how to hide them for national and international transportation.

“Hold up, Gui! Good evening. How are you? Brother, I’m sending the diamonds in a bag here. The diamonds are loose here in the middle so they don’t attract attention, right? When you get there in your house, you put out a white bond paper and carefully pour the material in Top,” instructs one of the gang members in the voice.

Gui to which the seller refers, according to the investigation, is Guilherme Cipriani, who was arrested in the United States after the PF alert. His father was president of TransBrasil when it was declared bankrupt in 2001, amid accusations of embezzlement and default.

Asked if there was an estimate of how far the gang had moved, the delegate replied:

“About R$30 million in a period of just over eight months.”

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