August 18, 2022
Exclusive: The government will have to spend nearly R$100 billion to download R$1 of fuel

Exclusive: The government will have to spend nearly R$100 billion to download R$1 of fuel

Photo: Fernando Frazao / Agência Brasil

NS Reduce the price of gasoline and diesel by 1 Brazilian real, The government will have to It spends nearly R$100 billion annually. These expenses take into account the estimates you have provided Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy for Evaluation, Planning, Energy and Lottery.

in trust accounts, To reduce the price of diesel by 0.10 Brazilian riyals, the government has to spend 6 billion Brazilian reals per year. to me Descend to BRL 1, it will be necessary 60 billion Brazilian riyals. In the case of gasoline, NS Get it cheaper with BRL 0.10And Costs will be annual 3.8 billion Brazilian reals. discount He will ask for 1 R$38 billion R$. And therefore , The government will have to spend R$98 billion to bring fuel prices down to last September’s levels.

To get an idea of ​​the scale of these expenses, Annual government payments to keep the public machine fully operational amounts to R$80 billion annually. Resources used to lower fuel prices Expenditure cap will be entered NS You will need to cut down on other expenses NS Respect tax rules.

a Senate Economic Affairs Committee A public hearing on fuel prices was held yesterday. group discussion A draft law to establish a stabilization fund for the value of gasoline and diesel.

The suggestion is also meimposes an export tax on crude oil, that will have a The money raised is transferred to the stabilization fund And you will pay for the reduction in fuel prices.

The market looks suspiciously at this export tax. If approved, can scare investors, who may have Exorbitant cost to extract oil. In addition, government estimates show that A stabilization fund will require an exorbitant amount of resources.

Some senators defend it Use of dividends paid to the government by Petrobras to increase the cash flow of this stabilization fund. I’m 2021, ah The state must be transferred for union 27.1 billion Brazilian Real. This amount would bank a A reduction of 0.45 R$ in the price of diesel or 0.71 R$ in the price of gasoline.

The government and Congress should cut the R$442.3 billion tax benefits set out in the 2022 budget to pay for permanent Brazilian aid and, ultimately, pay for lower fuel prices.. But since parliamentarians are always looking for the easiest path, we will not see measures to end the Mamata.

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