February 1, 2023
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Experts say the value of gas coupons will rise in April

a the value From National gas voucher It should go up in April. This is not official information from the federal government yet, but it is the forecast of key experts in the country’s economy. The news can be seen in two ways, because the increase in the gas coupon assumes an increase in the price of cylinders.

According to the official text that creates the gas voucher, the value of the program must always vary according to the national average price of a 13 kg gas cylinder. Every month, the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) publishes this average, and the government is obligated to pay at least half of it.

If the average price of a gas cylinder is R$100, for example, the Ministry of Citizenship becomes obligated to pay a minimum of R$50 in gas vouchers to all persons participating in the program. This way, if the price goes up, the value of the project also goes up. If it falls, the interest will also decrease.

For the month of April next, Federal government It is still not known what the exact level of payments is. Even because the National Ports Agency has not yet released average prices. However, experts are of the view that the normal trend is for values ​​to rise. Some say the average can exceed R$110.

Analysts attribute the potential increase to the economic fallout from the Ukraine war. With all the problems related to the oil crisis between Russia, the United States and the European Union, its effects are beginning to appear in Brazil not only in the prices of gas cylinders, but also in the prices of fuel and food.

Modifications in the States

On Friday (1), the expectation was that some countries had already announced upward adjustments to the value of a gas cylinder. Bahia, for example, revealed information that the increase will be between 5 and 7 Brazilian reals.

Given the confirmation of information, only in this northeastern state, the average value of gas cylinders will be 132. This number will already help raise the level of the national gas coupon to the highest in the month of April.

Do I need to register?

According to the federal government, there is no direct type of national gas voucher registration. Citizens just need to pay attention to keep Cadúnico’s data up to date.

In addition, the government is also analyzing data from the Benefício de Prestação Continuada (BPC) of the National Institute for Social Security (INSS). According to the project, the gas voucher also selects people from this group.

When will the gas voucher be released?

Vale-Gás payments for all of Brazil will be released according to the final figure in shekels for each citizen. It should be noted that the feature was released along with Auxílio Brasil.

For the month of April, the gas ticket calendar The following is:

  • Final 1: 14 April
  • Final 2: April 18
  • Final 3 shekels: April 19
  • Final 4: 20 April
  • Final 5 shekels: April 22
  • Final 6 shekels: April 25
  • Final 7: 26 April
  • Final 8: April 27
  • Final 9: 28 April
  • Final 0 NIS: April 29

Gas coupon advice by CPF

Citizens can refer to information through applications Brazil Aid And the square his. For beneficiaries of the new Bolsa Família who are still receiving the gas voucher, you can check the benefits through the Auxílio Brasil app.

Others, those who do not receive brazil aid, But this fits with the rules of granting gas allowanceyou can consult interest on square hiswhere you can also transfer values.

Finally, to select the families that will participate in the Auxílio Gás programme, the Government will order, giving priority to families under the following conditions:

  • With updated Cadastro Único data in the past 24 months;
  • with low per capita income;
  • with a larger number of family members;
  • Beneficiaries of the Auxílio Brasil Program; And the
  • With qualified registration by the Director through the use of investigation data, when available.

Beyond the gas ticket

According to Citizenship, the federal government will not pay the national gas coupon only in April. They should also continue with Oxelio Brazil transfers. By the way, the release dates are the same.

Together, the two projects serve just over 18 million people. In any case, the government must disclose data on the numbers of users of the two programs for the month of April.

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