March 30, 2023
Experts say, we may have already discovered wormholes in space

Experts say, we may have already discovered wormholes in space

Wormholes – or “Einstein-Rosen bridges” – are theoretical objects in astrophysics that suggest that by General theory of relativityare two distinct points connected by a tunnel, connecting the small and the large, different universes Or even different time periods. However, the key word here is “theorists”, since their existence has not yet been proven, and was invented only by eminent physicists.

According to one of them – Fumio Abe, an astrophysicist at Japan’s Nagoya Tech University – we may have already found one or more wormholes, but information about them got lost “in a sea of ​​data”, the expert told the BBC. The supposed existence of these holes is attributed to the most common justification for space studies: “Aliens“.

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Wormholes – or “Einstein-Rosen bridges” – are a theoretical concept in astrophysics that would allow us to travel vast distances in short periods of time, but their existence can never be proven (illustration: Jurik Peter/Shutterstock)

But the theory has intrigued some people: “If wormholes have entrances with a radius of between 100 and 10 million km [km]arrested for our galaxy And they’re as common as any star, discovering them may just be a matter of re-evaluating old information,” Abe said.

Despite the (relatively) strong physical attributes, it is still impossible to explain how one or more wormholes exist – or are even created by advanced alien civilizations. What we do know, however, is that this amount is, well,astronomical“More energy will be required. Much more than we can generate using current technology, in truly standardized processes.”

However, Abe suggests using a “gravitational lens” to detect a hole that may have been created. We’ve already talked about it here at digital lookGravitational lensing is an optical phenomenon that causes light shining from afar to be bent by gravity An object between its source and the observer.

Einstein predicted the effect more than 100 years ago, But only recently is that we can observe it in a practical way.

As for “how” to use this to detect wormholes, the astrophysicist has not been able to elaborate.

Of course, the idea of ​​finding a wormhole—or better yet—is very appealing: today, many of the things we’ve already discovered through observation are too far away for us to get close to them (this, of course, not to mention our physical abilities to resist flight.

even in star closest to a land after the sun It is called the triple system Alpha Centauri4.37 light years – out of reach for us in practice (more than 10 thousand years with current technology).

In theory, wormholes have this task, which is to connect points so distant in space that they can, somehow, traverse that distance in short periods of time.

For this reason, it is possible to understand the reason for human curiosity regarding this theory. But unfortunately, for now at least, it’s really just a theory.

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