February 1, 2023
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Extra Money: Learn how to exchange this R$1 coin for R$10,000

collectors Rare notes currently stands out. It happens that specialists, called numismatists, are constantly looking for banknotes that are no longer in circulation, or those that are difficult to access.

In this way, you may have a high value on your hands and still not know it. Currently, the R$1 and R$0.50 coins are highly sought after by collectors. benefit? So check out more information below and see when each one might be valuable right now.

Rare 1 Brazilian Real Coin of High Value

As mentioned, numismatists are looking for R$1 coins created by Central Bank (BC) for the Rio Olympics. However, the rarest one is the handing over of the flag, made to honor the passage of the London Olympics in 2012.

According to specialists, the coin representing the handing over of the flag can be sold for up to R$10,000. However, in some cases it is possible to find these coins online with values ​​ranging from R$175 to R$300. As for the coins for athletics, Tom and Vinicius mascots, swimming and paratriathlon, they have values ​​from R$8.

A rare 0.50 Brazilian Real coin

The rare costume costing 0.50 R$, created by the Central Bank, had a total of 44,000 copies with a very serious error, that the number 0 was not printed. The model was circulated in the country until 2012, when BC began to withdraw it from circulation. However, the bank could not find all the coins.

Since BC still can’t collect all the units, there are still some of these items in someone’s pocket or purse, or even circulating around the country without anyone noticing the error. However, if you own the coin, there are collectors who can pay up to R$700 to have it in their collections.

A rare coin of 0.25 Brazilian cents can be sold for R$3,000

Contrary to what many imagine, the hobby of collecting banknotes and coins is very common in the world and even in Brazil. Thousands of Brazilian citizens participating in the currency market can pay very high prices to have a certain object in their collection.

These people usually search for rare coins online to make very advantageous offers, as is the case with the 0.25 R$ coin which can be worth up to R$3000. For a coin to be of great value on its own, it must be considered very rare.

In practice, what makes it valuable is a bug on the reverse, which shows the image of the Republic, which actually belongs to the 0.50 R$ coin. However, the common print of the coin will be on the obverse side.

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