February 5, 2023
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Fabio Borchat laughs at an embarrassing moment at his wedding

Fabio Borchat told in an interview that an embarrassing moment happened at his wedding, played by Myra Cardi.

He said he approached the trainer, got involved in her weight loss program, and because of that, ended up inviting her in 2017 to his wedding with Natalie Mega.


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The problem was going to happen specifically on the day of the party. “Actually, Myra was at my wedding…in white! Kisses to all of you!” he quipped.

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“Quem Pode, Pod” hosts Fernanda Paes Leme and Giovanna Ewbank started laughing about the situation at the same time.

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During the same interview, Fabio Borchat spoke about the rumors about his sexual orientation that had always been raised since he appeared in the media.

“It was straight men who thought I was gay. They think a lot. Very few women and gays don’t hit on me. But this is very curious, the straight guy always called me gay,” he said.

Burchat also said in the interview that he believes people think he’s gay, because of his upbringing, and that he doesn’t have the profession to be the macho many people expect him to be.

While chatting, the actor and comedian said so He was already having an affair with Anitta, at the beginning of the artist’s career.