November 30, 2023
Zagueiro conta a história onde o acompanhamento de psicóloga foi importante na sua vida

Fabricio Bruno stresses the need for psychological support

In an interview with globoesporte, broadcast on Saturday morning (20), Flamengo defender Fabricio Bruno emphasized the need for a psychologist in his life. Highlight of the Atlético match – PR in Brazil, with braceThe player was also instrumental in the decision against Paraná in the Copa do Brasil. During the injury in Bragantino, the athlete remembered the moment he needed to seek help off the field.

“I talk to my psychiatrist about things I probably don’t even have a chance to talk about with my parents and my wife. Today she (a psychologist) is a pillar for me, and I’m not giving up on her in my career. From there, things start moving forward for me.” However, in the interview, Fabricio Bruno had the support of Bragantino’s CEO, Thiago Scorro, to understand what was happening.

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“Thiago Scuro came to my house several times in Bragança to understand what was going on. Then he called me and said, ‘You need a psychologist to control your emotions.’ And he (Scoro) told me: Besides, I’m going to extend the contract for another two years, but you have to control me. Your emotions in your career.”

Injuries have always been a part of a professional’s life. In Flamengo, Fabricio Bruno suffered a rare foot injury. In the first match of the Carioca Championship final, against Fluminense, the player had to leave after he felt pain in his foot. Soon, the team was leaked twice and lost 2-0 to the opponent.

Back in style

Since returning to the field, against Corinthians in Brazil, the defender has had a string of matches with Dorival Junior. He started against Avai, Atlético Go, Sao Paulo and Atlético PR – this time twice. In the confrontation against Paraná, for Brazil, Fabricio scored two headed goals in the 5-0 match.

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