Facebook releases its own app Lasso with the success of Tik Tok !

Facebook sort sa propre appli Lasso face au succès de Tik Tok !

Facebook always aligns to the new. And lately the social network has launched a new application, Lasso, to compete with Tik Tok !

Facebook gets very quickly to the page. And the application Tik Tok is undergoing a real success on the internet and from users. Facebook, therefore, has not taken a long time before getting out his own application, named Lasso. MCE tells you more.

Facebook competition Tik Tok

In fact, Facebook does not like not to be on the page. And lately it is the application TikTok the buzz on the internet. And Facebook saw the potential of the application and has decided to build on the good ideas of his comrades in the same competition.

In fact TikTok is an application on the same idea as Vine. The purpose is to share videos short climbs in the loop, very often songs or dances.

The application TikTok, of chinese origin knows a real success with young people. The whole world uses it. In addition it is found even in the top 5 of the ranking free from the App Store in France.
And Facebook has identified this potential and has therefore launched its own application, Lasso, available on iOS and Android.

But be careful for the time being, the app seems to be available only in the United States. Lasso therefore reproduces the same formula as TikTok. The videos last in average a maximum of 15 seconds. The users can therefore there to add a musical background like most or many effects, but filters for the moment !

Videos in your own story Facebook

In fact, the application remains compatible with Instagram or Facebook. The social network can even integrate the videos Lasso on the storys Facebook. And they should be arriving very soon on Instagram also.

In the end, with a Lasso, Facebook tries to stand out a minimum of the application TikTok.
This news comes at the same time as that of one of the co-creators of the Vine. Indeed, it has announced to launch very soon of Byte. The application will be the direct successor of the service disappeared early 2017 already.


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