January 31, 2023

Fans are making Combi Gallo and planning to go to a potential final in Uruguay

The team printed on the combi draws attention. In the countryside, old idols, such as Luisinho, Rinaldo and Cerezo, are joined by more modern ones, such as Victor, Ronaldinho and Diego Tardelli. When you open one of the doors, the seats – numbered like a lineup – appear on TV broadcasting a Champions League duel. But the really important game is Lionel Messi PSG team against Pep Guardiola Manchester City. Everyone there was waiting for the ball to roll for the decisive duel between Atletico and Palmeiras, for the return of the Copa Libertadores semi-final – which would have taken place within hours, meters away, in Mineiro.

To the sound of music from Alvinegra fans, the nine who were there – seven adults and two children – drank and ate while waiting for the game. But what really caught my eye was the truck. The car is personalized with symbols depicting Atlético. Abroad, the club won historic bowls. Above, a sentence immortalized by journalist Roberto Drummond: “If during a storm there was a black and white shirt hanging on a clothesline, the athlete would support the wind.”

“Komboio do Galo” was designed by 47-year-old civil engineer Otvio Viana. On a trip, the project was conceived by him and his cousin Daniel Amorim, 39. But it was hard to play halfway through the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic. So the idea was for a later time…

At least that’s what Daniel thought. “The pandemic came, and things got tough,” he told Superesportes magazine. However, the project outview never got out of his mind. And he decided to carry the dream forward on his own. “I did it on my own,” I smiled, “bring my cousin, and I gave him the truck as a birthday present.”

“Combi 2013 (the year Atlético won the Copa Libertadores). It had to be from that year. I planned, made the included seats, put in the portable TV, had a tent… all customized by Gallo. Today, we have nine, all Family members,” Otvio continues.

“It’s inexplicable. Really good. Behind it, there is a very big story for the whole family. It was really cool, because we made a combi project. And then, on my birthday, in October 2020, I arrived in the RV as a gift. I am so grateful. ‘ says talented Daniel.

Montevideo project

With the family together, the Cousins ​​has the following plan: to travel 2.6 thousand kilometers by combi between Belo Horizonte and Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, for the Copa Libertadores final this season. They have been saving money for months and are optimistic about the prospect even before the semi-final against Palmeiras in Mineiro. The live match ended 0-0.

“The family, so united, started perfecting this four or five months ago. We have a little chest, which gathers the necessary resources. We’ll take the children, because for them he won’t forget. I’m so excited. Come on cheers, Dick!”

(Photo: Joe