June 7, 2023
Fans ask SEGA to postpone the match

Fans ask SEGA to postpone the match

last Wednesday (01), SEGA introduced the first gameplay in vocal boundariesblue hedgehog open world game Arrive in 2022. After the reveal, some fans were unhappy with what they saw and are asking the publisher to postpone the project.

It was filled out on Twitter with “#DelaySonicFrontiers“After the game’s demo, which was released by IGN, it received a lot of criticism from fans concerned about the project’s final quality. Complaints are being directed at the empty robotic open world and the character’s sticker animation.”Mardculos”, a fan of the saga, said the following on the social network:

first tweet – Fans want to take advantage of the increased offerings of enhanced games, like you [SEGA] Benefit from increased business offerings and sales.

He was one of the fans who spearheaded the redesign of the character in the film and helped him achieve such success.

It’s time to raise our bar. Not SEGA.

second tweet “Again, I am not qualified to say whether or not this situation necessarily requires a reprieve.

The main message is that this characteristic, so far, is not enough.

Believe me, I’d gladly admit defeat if the size of the game ended up making these problems seem small.

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With subtitles in PT-BRSonic Frontiers will come PS4And the PS5and Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

In sales and critics, SEGA anticipates the success of Sonic Frontiers

SEGA may end up disappointed with expectations for the Sonic Frontiers. The Japanese publisher expects the game to be a huge hit and sales success. Will you listen to the demands of society to achieve this goal? know more!