August 7, 2022
Fantástico listens to the former director of Luva de Pedreiro and presents unpublished excerpts from a report censored by Justice |  Nice

Fantástico listens to the former director of Luva de Pedreiro and presents unpublished excerpts from a report censored by Justice | Nice

On July 1, TV Globo was notified of an injunction issued to businessman Alan Jesus. The decision prevented the report from revealing confidential information about the contract signed with Luva de Pedreiro. He also prohibited displaying any demonstration that could be understood as hate speech against Alan, because he was threatened.

That Sunday, it was TV Globo condemned the threats made against the businessman, and also expressed concern about interference in his journalistic work.. After all, freedom of the press and expression is protected by the Brazilian constitution. TV Globo appealed the ruling and it was canceled last Thursday.

Then Fantástico displays excerpts from the full report, with the information that has been banned. Alan Jesus agreed to record an interview to give his perspective on this story. Mason Glove was heard again. See the full report in the video above.

I was threatened with death. My personal data has been leaked. I had to ask for help, I had to ask for help,” says businessman Alan Jesus.

In a conversation with reporter Giuliana Girardi, Alain tells what caught his eye in Lova di Pedrero.

“Look, you saw in him the charisma, the authentic thing, that local content, didn’t he? He had elements that I was sure would do very well. Like a story guided by a hero’s journey, right? This boy who dreams of helping his family, dreams of growing into His work, you know?” he explained.

Then came the contact with Iran, there in Bahia. A contract under which Alan became director of the Glove de Pedreiro.

Alan showed the Fantástico audios indicating that he explained the contract details. As a percentage Iran will get for the business.

right Now: I was keen to explain to all of them first how it would work.
Juliana: Didn’t you have a lawyer?
right Now: No, I read the contract with Iran. He’s very smart, right? You can read Iran.

“I don’t know, I didn’t even read it, I didn’t know anything, I don’t know, I don’t really know how to read this thing. I’m kind of weak.”

Juliana: There is a very big fine, right? Very high, 5.2 million RRL on one side only.
right Now: For example, the contract you have with the other creator is the same as the contract you have with Iran.
Juliana: Do you consider this contract a balanced contract?
right Now: surely.

In the previous report, Iran’s father told Nice I felt very cheated. Therefore, the Lova family contacted a lawyer to review the contract.

“We also indicated, with Iran’s will, that the contract term was halved, which they did not agree to,” the lawyer said.

right Now: There is a contract in which the issue of the bilateral fine has been changed.
Juliana: Has this contract been signed?
right Now: This contract has not been signed, we have made the changes, and they are valid.
Juliana: But if it is not signed, is it worth it?
right Now: Yes it is.

However, the lawyer disputes this information.

“No. We didn’t come to a final agreement, did we? So there was no signing or renewal of the clause, no change, and none of that.”

During this predicament, Iran said he felt Alan’s hands in everything.

Juliana: Does he have cards?
right Now: He has it. If I’m not mistaken, there are two individual accounts. He’d say, “Alan, I need x to buy this. x.”
Juliana: But she always asked…
right Now: Juliana, he was never lacking, never lacking in anything. We have a receiving schedule that I must respect. right?
Juliana: How many contracts did you close?
right Now: More or less than 2.2 million Brazilian reals, about. That’s in less than four months of work. Payment of these contracts starts from July. Yesterday (the fifteenth), by chance, three money orders fell. Iran has already been informed.

Alan Jesus submitted a document prepared by an accountant who hired him. In the view, contracts, revenues and expenses related to the partnership with Iran are listed.

Iran confirmed, in a new interview recorded last weekend, that it does not know about the legal values ​​or accounts.

About the new house promised to Luva, the businessman’s answer was that it was about to be built.

The truth is that nothing came of it. Iran decided to cut the partnership early. Luva de Pedreiro left Alan to strike a deal with former futsal player Falcao.

The clash with Alan will continue in court. On the 26th, there will be a hearing between the two parties. Until then, the court decided that Iran would continue to fulfill its obligations under the contract with Alan. Luva de Pedreiro continues to meet the agenda of entrepreneurs.

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