February 6, 2023

Faraj’s boss complains about the federation and wants to postpone the match

Watch what the president of the Football Association of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Rubens Lopez, said UOL Sports Around bout of diarrhoea In madurera team who argues on Sao Paulo Cup:

The outbreak of gastroenteritis that occurred among the athletes in Madureira undoubtedly puts the team at a complete disadvantage for today’s match in Cobina. You don’t need to be a doctor to attest to this, and although I understand the difficulty of the calendar, the most reasonable thing would be to postpone the match, mainly for health reasons.” Robbins Lopez

Madureira vs Sharjah, today, at 3:15 pm (Brasilia time)Who does not face the same problem with the health of the players.

“Obliging a team collectively affected by hydrolytic disorders to fight with an honest opponent, as well as identifying an unquestionable imbalance of power, is reckless, attacking and trampling on the most common medical principles and concepts.”

Complaint to the Paulista Football Association, which will not postpone the match: “Faraj, in response to a statement from his affiliate, sent a document yesterday to the president of the federation requesting special attention to the issue that goes beyond the boundaries of the administrative field and affects the medical field and endangers the health of athletes. However, we fully believe and trust in the spread of common sense and common sense.”

What happened?

  • Food has been banned at the Alpino Hotel, in São Roque, after at least 46 cases of diarrhea In Ceará, Madureira and Rio Claro, teams from Group 22 in Cobena.
  • Madhurira is the one with the worst attitude Even fears the WO Rio de Janeiro team took 19 players, finding 16 of them with food poisoning symptoms and unable to train the day before the duel.
  • Sharjah hosts Brazil at its headquarters in Aluminoa city without a hotel, while other clubs had to resort to the establishment of Sao Roque.
  • On Tuesday, the delegations of Ceará, Madureira and Rio Claro dined at the Albino Hotel. And on the same night, on Wednesday, the athletes and members of the technical committees had already had diarrhea and vomiting.
  • Clubs claim that the reason is the pork served by the hotel. Albino Hotel stated to the teams that it was a virus. The organization did not respond to UOL’s contacts.
  • A Rio Claro player was taken to the Albert Einstein Hospitalin São Paulo, and the diagnosis was food poisoning.
  • The athletes were treated and sacrifice performed on Wednesday.
  • Between Tuesday and Thursday, more than 20 athletes were hospitalized.. However, none of the cases exceeded symptoms of poisoning.
  • Faced with the fear of eating in Alpino, delivery was the solution that many players found Before the new meal that was served since yesterday.
  • Yesterday, Ciara, Madureira and Rio Claro did light training. Immunity is low and COs prioritize comfort.
  • The clubs considered the request to postpone the matchesbut I heard from FPF that wouldn’t be possible.