June 26, 2022
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Farm 13: Dynho shares a bed with Mileide and Sthefane and causes a stir on the web; MC Mirella reacts – watch

Another party forfarm 13Contrary to what we are accustomed to seeing, no alcohol was released at that dawn (2). But don’t you think that because of this the pedestrians ceased to enjoy or cause, well?! The crowd danced until they were tired and surprised by the arrival of Larry Booty, The participant who entered the game to fill the dropout vacancy MC Medrado.

With a new member in the house, the convict had to reorganize himself so that everyone had a place to sleep. Dinho AlvesAnd Stefan Matos NS Maylady Mihaly It ended up involving a family member. At first, the dancer lay facing the end of the bed and startled the beaming affectionate, who found her friend’s feet close to her face. “Dynho, if you hit me in the face, you’ll fail. I’ll beat you up.”I joked, according to UOL.

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The boy, in turn, said that he was upset by the lack of space: “Look at the knee in my back, huh!”. Then Siti caught the attention of her classmate who, she said, kept moving her feet. “Look at the clown, Dynho. The man is dancing in bed, old man”commented. MC Gui, who was close to the trio, burst out laughing at the situation. “Dynho wakes up and gives a split, forget it”, He said.

While lying between Maylade and Dinho, Matos made no secret that she was “squeezed out” and tried to find ways to be less tight. “You can put your butt on my leg. Ah, go to sleep next to Maylade, go. What the fuck is this! “, was thrown at the dancer, who then turned to the same side of the seats to take his feet away from the influencer’s face. “I think lying like that is better. That ass is giant.”She celebrated with laughter.

Here, the decision was divided in opinions. Even the names of Dynho and Sthe were among the most commented topics on Twitter. Some netizens accused the couple of disrespecting their partners, as they are both committed. Others, of course, thought it was all overkill and came out in defense of the participants.

“Dynho, a married man, can you lie with a woman like that?”, questioned the profile. “Dynho cheats on Mirella Live”, another accused. “Sthe and Dynho were both sober. There wasn’t even a drink at the party. We don’t want to blame those who aren’t responsible. They are friends.”, someone replied. Watch more feedback:

Who also came to talk about it was mirellaDynho’s wife. Funkeira posted an overnight story, asking fans not to accuse her of the posts. “Yes, I look at the ‘farm’ stuff, but stop alerting me that it has nothing to do with what so-and-so does. Thanks for sending me. Sometimes it’s gone. I can’t keep up with PlayPlus. Then you send me, show me…but you don’t cover me on Attitudes or ideas. I have nothing to say. Thank you very much for your understanding.”, she stated in the post, which was immediately deleted. paying off:

Mirella’s deleted post. (Photo: clone/Instagram)