July 2, 2022
Crédito: Reprodução/Record TV

Farm: Bill Araujo, Valentina Francavilla, Guy Araujo and Larry Botino in Rocca

This Tuesday (19), was voting day in “farm 13‘, from Record, for shaping this week’s Rocha. Last week’s farmer test winner, Diane Melo The first pawn indicated the dispute: Bill Araujo.

gui arugu It was the pawn with the most votes from the other participants, and it occupies the second vacant position in Roça this week. The entrepreneur ended up being dragged into the third wave Valentina Francavilla.

The fourth and final member of this first phase of the Roça formation is determined in the dynamics of Resta Um, in which each participant, starting with the last candidate, Valentina, saves a pawn. The last unsaved one joins the trio.

Larry Booty She ended up unsaved and was the fourth and final member of Roca. With the nomination, the influencer has the right to veto one of the other three in the farmer’s test this Wednesday (20). Chose Larry Valentina.

With this, Bil, Gui Araujo, and Lary compete in the Farmer’s Test. The winner or winner escapes the public vote on Thursday (21), becomes Farmer of the Week and gains immunity the next week.

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