March 30, 2023
Fate Pereira regrets Wagner's injury and explains his improvisation on the right side of Corinthians

Fate Pereira regrets Wagner’s injury and explains his improvisation on the right side of Corinthians

After hours From the defeat of Corinthians against Sao PauloCoach Vitor Pereira held a press conference. The Alvengra captain lamented the injury of right-back Wagner and made clear the option to improvise for defender Joao Victor in the sector, even with Joao Pedro, who plays originally in the center, on the bench.

“We also had the misfortune of Wagner at the start of the game. We looked for Joao Victor, who said he had already played as a full-back, and we wanted Robson to play a good game as a defender. We tried to find a solution there from João on the right, and started feeling he was having a hard time, but then we adjustedThe coach said.

“This is also my experience, when we play, if it is a match that is not in the semi-finals of the competition, it will probably be my first choice for Joao (Pedro), he is more comfortable in the position. Now, as we were in the semi-finals, in a stadium full of fans against us, who need a certain experience to play, we chose Joao (Victor)Because I was finding it hard to get to the lobby.”

For the coach, entering João Victor on the right side may directly affect the performance of the other players in the starting lineup. According to him, improvising the number 33 shirt will be able to reduce the defensive responsibilities of midfielder Willian and Lucas Peyton’s side.

Willian also had some difficulties, In that sense Willian hasn’t been forced into much defensive commitment, Joao would theoretically allow some Willian not to come back very often.. But it was an option, I don’t have a problem. This was the solution of the moment and the reason was to release Willian for a bit.”

“I have a principle in football that when it doesn’t work, there has to be another way, an alternative, that destabilizes or finds the spaces we need. What happens today is basically Joao being a defender and not a side, Peyton was released on the left, Willian on the right and left more people close to the striker. To create problems in the opponent’s defense line, which we did not succeed in in the first half.”

Another tactical alternative that was adopted in the first half was explained by the coach. Vitor Pereira explained the reasons why he climbed Renato Augusto in a more advanced sector of the field, where he sometimes worked as a “liar nine”.

“We understand that adding another player to touch, pass, set the tempo of the match, unlock more Roger and Willian, but the truth is the ball got in a little bit more.we couldn’t find him, in my view because Wagner was out and Joao was having a hard time in that aspect, the first half was about tactical challenges that we tried to correct, but since the information took a while to arrive I understood, it took a long time,” he explained. Corinthians coach.

Vitor Pereira can now use the next week to apply his work methodology better in Corinthians. After all, the team’s next commitment will only be on April 5, against Always Ready, of Bolivia, in Timão’s debut at the Copa Libertadores da América.

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