June 4, 2023

Fatima Bernardes talks about her relationship with Tulio Gadelha: “It became a relationship the next day” | the television

Fatima Bernardes, Paola Carosella and JulietteKelly Fuzaro/GNT

Posted on 4/5/2023 7:49 AM

Rio – Fatima Bernardes and Juliette Freire were the first guests of the program “Alma de Cosinehera”, led by Paola Carosilla and which premiered on Wednesday evening on GNT. At the attraction, the chef prepared dishes for the artists and they all talked while tasting the delicacies. Fatima Bernardes finished the attraction by washing the dishes.

Paula asked Fatima and Juliette how they managed to juggle fame and relationships. The ‘The Voice Brasil’ presenter teased a lot about the beginning of her relationship with Tlio Gadêlha. They have been together since 2017 and the paparazzi spotted them on their first date, when they were not dating yet and went to the movies to get to know each other better.

Fatimah said, “I didn’t expect it. We talked by phone and letters for 40 days and that day was the meeting to understand what was happening. It became a relationship the next day,” Fatimah said. Juliette commented: “People are so uptight and it hurts the acquaintance process. There was no relationship and people created and prevented something from happening. It so happened that I gave up because of the fame. I chose not to expose my relationship on the Internet”, .

The National Gazette

Fatima also talked about her transition from journalism to entertainment. She left “Journal Nacional” on November 5, 2011, but has been considering leaving the news since 2006. “When Incontro comes up and I’m on the website of Journal Nacional, I say, ‘No, I want more from Journal Nacional.'” She left on November 5, 2011. , in 2006 I was already thinking about it. The newspaper was changing a lot. We used to anchor a lot in the street and I loved it. The public liked it, people wanted me to be looser, the street allows you to be looser, because there’s a whole dynamism in The studio makes you more focused, and diffuse,” he revealed.

“People asked me that and I said, ‘That’s right.'” I think I would like to do more things like that.” So, the first change, from my mum and dad to everyone, was a shock. The presenter said of the difference in changing from “JN” to “Encontro” and later from “Encontro” to “The Voice Brasil”.

I drove the Encontro for 10 years, from 2012 to 2022, and when I felt the adjustment, I decided to change again. “I’m restless. So, I need to change constantly. I’m so afraid of residency. I think residency is the worst thing for me and the audience, because I stop showing something that has no freshness in it,” he said.