July 14, 2024

Faustão made his Band debut, defeating Rodrigo Faro and raising the net by 260%

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Foto do primeiro programa Faustão na Band
Foto do primeiro programa Faustão na Band

Fausto Silva’s vacation has officially ended. After more than six months away from small screens, The communicator returned to the air and debuted in the first minute of 2022, with a special edition of the Faustão na Band. On his first day officially hired by the Saad family channel, the presenter did not disappoint in terms of audience. Network indicators have grown by 260% when comparing the last moment of the previous attraction with the moment when the new company set its highest number – at this moment, even Rodrigo Farrow won.

According to previous data, obtained by the report pop tv With market sources, the premiere of Faustão on Band was watched by 246,906 people in Greater São Paulo alone and took fourth place alone for the channel, with an average of 1.2 points. Globo, with a special press show showing the country’s transformation and the second part of Show da Virada, scored an average of 14.9 points, followed by 3.7 in total paid channels. SBT scored with Tilla de Socisos 2.8 points, followed by Record 1.7 points. With teens singing with me.

At its best, at 12:21 a.m., Fausto Silva managed to defeat the command of Rodrigo Farrow Width: Minute-by-minute data shows the range scored 1.8 points, versus 1.7 for gravity shown by Record. This was the only minute that Grid was, in fact, able to take third place in the country’s main capital. In another seven, the channel was technically connected to the competitor – the sequence of minutes was not straight. Before the former Globo hit the air, the band scored 0.5 points with a width from Diego and Victor Hugo.

During nearly 50 minutes on the air, Faustão detailed his new career pursuits and shared lead oomph with journalist Anne Lottermann. and his son, Joao Guilherme Silva. As expected in the report, the software will have a different format every day of the week, and only the traditional video cassetadas – now called only Cassetadas – will be available in all versions. On Monday nights, it’s Pizza de Faustau’s turn.

In the Tuesday editions, Bet on a board of the same mold as Se Vira at 30. He was baptized as Grana ou Fama? , it will have the same dynamics as its predecessor: the person chosen to participate will have a limited time to show their talent, and they will be submitted to an evaluation by the Program Hall along with the other competitors on that day. Finally, the winner of the week will be rewarded with a cash amount. In the audience leader, the prize was about 50 thousand RRL.

on Wednesdays, The audience will watch a dance competition, which will be called the dance of the monsters. Initially scheduled for Friday versions, music competitions will be broadcast on Thursday nights: The first form will be a kind of ding dongOn the road to success. To wrap up the week, the program will feature Churrascão do Faustão. As on Mondays, Silva will receive guests to chat with food and music, focusing mainly on artists from the world of funk and sertingo, leaving other genres for another day.

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