March 26, 2023
Favi Sequeira says he hates backstage at Esculinha: 'If they think'

Favi Sequeira says he hates backstage at Esculinha: ‘If they think’

Favi Sequeira recalled behind the scenes of “Professor Raimundo’s Little School” and complained about the backstage humor of the show.

I hated the scenes at Escolinha. Only men know how to talk football And they found themselves the greatest. And in my opinion, the best in that group was Claudia Jimenez, with Donna Casilda. I eventually joined in too and felt they were no longer on the same gas, In an interview with author Patricia Cogot.

The actress also said that she prefers the remake of “Escolinha”. “By the way, I know they’re going to hate me for saying this, but I thought this new version of Escolinha was so much better. That’s what happened with Zorra Total in the end. It was so boring,” he explained.

Favi also remembers the fall he suffered during the pandemic, which ended with breaking three ribs.

“I had to rest until I recovered. Then, during the year, I ended up gaining nine kilos because of this new quarantine routine. Then January came, I looked at myself and said, ‘That’s impossible.’ Since then I have started a diet consisting of Consume 1,600 calories a day and exercise. Since then, I’ve shed 12 kilos. I’ve always been like this. I’m the biggest accordion I know: I get fat, I get skinny, I get fat, I lose weight.”