March 31, 2023
Fazco 2 x 1 Guarani in the 27th round of the Second Division

Fazco 2 x 1 Guarani in the 27th round of the Second Division

After two consecutive defeats away from home, Vasco He returned to Sao Januaro today (31), in the 27th round of Brazilian leagueand managed to recover. The team was superior on the pitch and won 2-1 against Guarani without much suffering.

With this victory, Cruz Maltino regained the four-point advantage over Londrina, the first club outside of G4, and is still ahead of the SyndicateHe finished third with 45 points. Bogre, on the other hand, is the runner-up in the competition with 26 points.

Vasco, the dominant, opened the scoring in the first half after Nini’s penalty kick, in the 19th minute. The game’s performance was reduced until the end of the first half, but it resumed with everything in the second half. Iginaldo extended the score by less than a minute, and Anderson Conceicao led against the guests.

Who did well: Eguinaldo’s imbalances

A surprise in the lineup, the 18-year-old made a difference in attack in his debut as a player. Bold, find quirks, confuse defenses, and make the most of your moves. He let go of his goal and even gave a nice pass to Alex Teixeira, who was kicked out. Exhausted, he left the field at 36 minutes into the second half.

Who Was Bad: Anderson Conceicao

Vasco’s defense stage is not the best in the last three rounds. Boza misses badly and concedes a goal CSAQuintero scored against Bahia, and now it was Anderson Conceicao’s turn to serve against his legacy. The defender made a wrong move to clear the ball from the corner and reignite the momentum for the visitors.

Vasco’s role: work changes

Facing a close opponent, coach Emilio Farrow went in with Marlon Gomez in the middle and Iginaldo in attack. Andre also became more flexible and helped find spaces in defense. The goal 20 minutes ago also gave the team security. The key players felt very tired in the final phase and the changes made by the coach were unable to keep the team up.

Guarani’s performance: a little aggression

From the start, Boger made it clear that his proposal would be for defense. However, the team could not make it difficult for the opponent to produce. After he left behind, he improved a little and went out more to attack. However, he needed the opponent’s defender to reduce the advantage.

Perseverance pays off

Nene opened the scoring for Vasco against Guarani, for Serie B

Photo: Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF

The Hill Giant completely controlled the Paulistas at the start of the clash. The superiority was reflected in a penalty kick in the 17th minute, after Iginaldo flipped to Alex Teixeira, who was ousted by Derlan. On the beat, Nene sent the right corner loud and powerful. Kozlinsky still managed to touch, but the ball only fell to the back of the net.

In the only counterattack, Nene loses head-to-head

Bugri was balancing the duel and had his best chance in the 43rd minute, when Yuri Tank headed into the corner and Thiago Rodriguez had to stretch to send it across the backline.

But the corner kick was bad and produced a great counter-attack with the home team numerically superior. Alex Teixeira passed to Iginaldo, who advanced and set off for Nene alone. The midfielder took the ball forward and hit a cross at the goalkeeper’s exit, but he shot a lot and sent it away.

Vasco returns from the end of the first half with goals: a lightning strike and another against it

In the first attack of the final stage, Marlon passes Andre who takes a risk. Kozlinsky I rebounded in the area and Iginaldo was faster than the defenses to expand supremacy.

The goal, which could give Vasco peace of mind, soon lost this effect. Jamerson took a corner kick, and Anderson Conceição completely missed, scoring in the 6th minute.

Crash game change

The nine exchanges (five by Guarani and four by Vasco) between the tenth and thirty-sixth minutes of the second half removed any fluidity in the confrontation. The best chances of this period came with João Victor’s header in 29 minutes and the Eguinaldo race in 34 minutes.

Fabio Gomez, Vasco’s last change, had a great chance in the 37th minute, but he shot in front of goal poorly and was avoided by Kozlinski. In the 43rd minute he shot a lot and hit the right of the goal.

iron Virgin in Sao Januario

Janick Gers (with cover), Iron Maiden guitarist, watches the match between Vasco and Guarani for Série B - Reproduction / SporTV - Reproduction / SporTV

Janic Gers (with hat), Iron Maiden guitarist, watches the match between Vasco and Guarani for Série B

Photo: Reproduction / SportTV

Janic Gers, one of the three guitarists in the band Iron Maiden, was in São Januario. To follow the fencing. The British band played a show in Ribeirão Preto yesterday (30) and are in Rio de Janeiro to play on Friday (2), in rock in rio.

New owners of eyes

The stadium was also attended by an entourage of 777 Partners. Josh Wonder, co-founder of the American company, came to Brazil to finalize the transition from SAF, something that should be done later this week.

Josh Wonder, executed by 777 Partners, in a Vasco vs Guarani match, for Serie B - Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF - Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF

Josh Wonder, executed by Partners 777, in a Vasco vs Guarani match, for Serie B

Photo: Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF

Upcoming matches

The two teams return to the field on Saturday (3), at 16:30, for round 28 of Series B. Vasco Prosque visits and receives Guarani Sampaio Correia.

data sheet:

Guarani VASCO 2 x 1
Brazilian Second Division – Round 27
Date: July 31, 2022, Wednesday
time: 7 p.m. (from Brasilia)
place: Sao Janorio Stadium in Rio de Janeiro (RJ).
RuleJean-Pierre Goncalves Lima (Republika Srpska)
controlJosé Eduardo Calza (Republika Srpska) and Luisa Nowjurks Reis (Republika Srpska)
VAR: Wagner Reway (PB)
yellow cards: Andre, Leo Matos (VAS), Joao Victor (Georgia)
general: 19,368 gifts
Objectives: baby, at 19’/1 o (VAS); Iguinaldoin the first day /2 o (VAS); Anderson Conceição, against, at 6’/2 o (GUA).

Vasco: Thiago Rodriguez ; Leo Matos, Quintero, Anderson Conceicao and Edemar; Yuri Lara, Andre Santos, Marlon Gomez (Figueiredo); Nene (Palacios), Iginaldo (Fabio Gomez) and Alex Teixeira (Gabriel Beck). Technical: Emilio Farrow.

Guarani: Kozlinsky. Evan Alvarinho, Joao Victor, Derlan, Jamerson (Mike); Leandro Villella, Madison (Eduardo Pearson), Isaac (Bruno Jose), and Giovanni Augusto; Edson (Julio Cesar) and Yuri (Bruno Miranda). Technical: Mozart.