December 9, 2022
Fazenda 2022 employee fired due to a dispute between Deolane and Deborah;  Understanding TV News

Fazenda 2022 employee fired due to a dispute between Deolane and Deborah; Understanding TV News

TeleImage, the company in charge of technical field and production farm 14, of Record, fired an employee on Monday (26). He had posted a behind-the-scenes photo of the program last Saturday (24) and was suspended after a complaint by netizens, most of whom are fans of Deborah Albuquerque. They understood that the professional would root for Deolane Bezerra, The big contender for the influencer indeed.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, photo director Moises Soares posted a photo in which he said that he is watching what is happening at home, especially in “Diolan’s kitchen”, referring to her being the most prominent. For the program and the type of managers actually. However, it has become a target for people who do not like the widow of MC Kevin (1998-2021).

The Comento Realitys account, which features A Fazenda and Adriane Galisteu and Record Realities’ core director, Rodrigo Carrelli, said: “The guy working on the cameras at Fazenda, rooting for Diabolani? Can you do that?” Seeing the repercussions, Soares asked the person in charge of the profile to delete the post, as it might harm him. However, the prints began to spread on social media.

according to the news, the departure of the professional was due to the fact that it gave room to question the suitability of the program. If a professional rates a participant, even if there is no stated support, the audience can interpret it as a preference, which is not encouraged or tolerated.

Deolane Bezerra and Deborah Albuquerque are in an intense polarizing battle on the reality show. Daily they exchange insults and accusations. The fact that the employee takes sides in the fight, at any level, jeopardizes the neutrality of the offer, from a producer’s point of view.

A record that has no management and nothing to do with the class. The entire production of the reality show is outsourced to the broadcaster – thus, TeleImage has the autonomy stipulated in the contract to change the team and replace whom it deems necessary.

TeleImage has been producing A Fazenda since 2017, When Record started outsourcing software to cut costs and increase profits. All facts and TV series were made by independent producers. Only the various shows and the audiencesuch as Hoje em Dia and Hora do Faro, are products produced by the same company.

sought, Record confirmed that decisions of this nature are from TeleImage. The producer has not taken a position until this text was published. If you do, the report will be updated.