August 16, 2022
Federal Lottery Result 5679 on Saturday (22/07/09)

Federal Lottery Result 5679 on Saturday (22/07/09)

Today’s lottery players have a new chance to change their lives thanks to Saturday’s 5679 Federal Lottery Result. The ninth day prize can be up to R$500,000, and to find out who is the lucky one on the day, just follow the draw in real time, scheduled at 19:00 It will be broadcast by Youtube.

Federal lottery result 5679

In total, five bets will be awarded tonight from the Millionaire Contest and whoever is withdrawn wins the main amount. Check the ticket numbers drawn in the 5679 Federal Lottery Result and the prize for each one:

First Prize 500,000 Brazilian Real: 24036
Second prize 27 thousand Brazilian riyals: 37544
Third prize 24,000 Brazilian riyals: 53990
Fourth prize 19 thousand Brazilian riyals: 07874
Fifth prize 18,000 Brazilian riyals: 70,891

Federal Lottery Prize

Winning the lottery can be the dream of many people to change their lives, and the federal lottery prize in 2022 is aimed at five types of extraction. Players can win the following amounts in regular competitions: R$500,000, R$27,000, R$24,000, R$19,000 and R$18,300.

But note that Caixa, once a month, extracts the millionaire monthly, who pays in installments: 1.3 million Brazilian reais, 15.5 thousand Brazilian reais, 14 thousand Brazilian reais, 13 thousand Brazilian reais, and 12 thousand Brazilian reais. Tickets that do not appear in the 5661 Federal Lottery Result can also win.

In addition to the five main prizes, you can win the match: one of the five numbers drawn for the main prizes or the first prize unit; thousands, hundreds, and tens of any of the numbers drawn in the five main prizes; The last ten corresponds to one of the three preceding or following the ten of the number drawn for the first prize.

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