Félip Bourdeau prepares his return

Félip Bourdeau prépare son retour

Finally, the Inouk could review Félip Bourdeau in the alignment sooner rather than later. This would be excellent news.

Cross between the second and the third period of the game between his team, the Braves de Valleyfield on Friday night, Bourdeau said that he could be back on the rink as soon as next weekend. The Granbyens will receive the Flames of Gatineau on Friday before visiting the Rangers in Montreal-Is two days later.

“It’s going a lot better, explained the athlete from Bedford. I started skating without contact, and if it goes well during training sessions with contacts, in the next few days, my return could be done quite quickly. I cross my fingers…”

Bourdeau, as we know, has been the victim of a concussion on January 16, in the victory of the Inouk in Saint-Jérôme. The blow he has received has never been punished.

“I have no memories of what happened, but when I look at the video, it seems to me a little dubious as a gesture. But hey, there’s nothing we can do…”

Bourdeau confessed that he had headaches and memory loss. But it is a thing of the past.

“The organization pays attention to its players and it is particularly prudent when we talk about concussion. It is well treated.”

Bourdeau has amassed 31 points, including 15 goals in 20 games this season. He had already missed several weeks before the Holiday period because of an injury to an ankle.

“I took it hard when I was injured in Saint-Jérôme because it wasn’t so long ago that I was back in the game. At any given time, you want bad luck picking on someone else. I very much look forward to coming back.”

The two victories in the face of the Braves did a lot of good to the morale of Inouk (27-10-1), who receive the Revolution of the Lac Saint-Louis (12-22-3) Sunday afternoon at the centre sportif Léonard-Grondin. But Bourdeau still believes as much to the chances of his team.

“It took hard shots throughout the season, but it is still there. It is amazing how guys are in this locker room.”

NOTES : while Félip Bourdeau preparing his return, Nicolas Roy, always injured an ankle, has no idea as to when he will return to the game. “It is certain that I am in a hurry to return, but I don’t know when I’ll be ready,” says the one who has not played since the end of November… Samuel Nadeau has been suspended one game following the incidents on Friday in the face of the Braves. The team from Valleyfield, has seen four of its players be suspended… Hugo Duteau will be in front of the net for Inouk face the Revolution on Sunday.

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