July 15, 2024

Felipe Neto opened the game about breaking up with Bruna Gomez and rumors that he would be on the cast of “BBB 22”; He watches

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Felipe Neto fala sobre o BBB (Reprodução/ Instagram)
Felipe Neto fala sobre o BBB (Reprodução/ Instagram)

After the sudden ending with Bruna Gomez, the name of the Felipe Netto Gained strength as one of the potential members of the Camarote group for “Big Brother Brazil 22Therefore, this Saturday (1), after a few days without use social networks, appeared in Instagram To inform fans of his health and deny recent rumors.

I totally don’t sound because I was going through a lot of emotional stress. My doctor explained that when you have something very emotional in your life, you can lose your voice. So I will reassure everyone who has sent a lot of messages, and those who have sent a lot of messages,” He said.

The YouTuber, with all the lyrics, denied that he would be on reality show Give Globo TV: “I will not be in Big brother. And I’m getting better every day. I love you so much, thank you.”

Felipe also spoke about the end of his five-year relationship, defending his ex-girlfriend and asking his fans not to blame her. “The only thing I want to ask of you, is not to send hate to anyone and under any circumstances. Send only love. Don’t believe in gossip. If one day you want Bruna and I to talk, we will. And she never thinks, not even for a second, that Bruna did something wrong. never. Happy 2022 ″ Been completed. He watches:

On Friday (31), Felipe Neto already published a post on his Instagram, considering 2021 a bad year in his life. “Good turnaround for everyone… It’s been the worst possible year for me, in many ways, but 2022 will change everything”, wrote in the caption. I already mentioned the posted photos: “2021, will take c*. 2022, do the minimum and that will be enough.”

the end

On December 27, Felipe decided to announce the termination out of respect for the fans. Felipe Neto’s press office has informed, especially to his fans, that the caller’s relationship with digital influencer Bruna Gomez has ended after nearly five years. Felipe thanks everyone for their affection and attention, to those who have been following his work for years and who have truly rooted his happiness, well-being and mental health”Text started.

Felipe and Bruna have been together for five years.  (Photo: Playback / Instagram)
Felipe and Bruna have been together for five years. (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Also, the team of digital influencers requested that they understand at this delicate time, and that people not listen to false news about the breakup. “Philippi will remain away from social media for as long as he deems necessary, until he feels fully prepared to return. On behalf of the entire team standing next to Felipe, we ask that you do not come up with or believe theories and stories about the termination”, Been completed.

Bruna Gomez also spoke, and said she was surprised by the “immature” breakup on Christmas Eve. “In the light of the news and comments, and mainly, the position taken by one of the heroes, who in the first analysis should protect the nucleus of the family he formed; Avoid speculation and distortion of the truth, it is up to me to clarify and take a stand.”, started.

“On the 25th of Christmas I was surprised by a phone call from my partner, with whom I have shared a life together in recent years, Felipe Netto, which put an end to our relationship. So yes that’s right! We no longer share life interests in the company “, He said. The digital influencer admitted that she was just as surprised as the audience, mainly because she didn’t receive many explanations from her ex-boyfriend. “Phone and text messages are communicated without a frank, mature and honest conversation as it should be between those who lived under the same roof.”, lamented.

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However, Gomez thought it was not her business to “judge anyone, let alone their motives.” “In the end, we will always be with our consciences and our mirrors. It is impossible to lie to themMeditation. The young woman concluded by saying that she will seek the support of family and friends at this time, intending to take all this in a “mature and calm” manner, and allow her spokesperson to speak publicly when necessary. “Finally, I inform you that the technical side, about which I know little, at least at this first moment, will be led by Dr. Luiz Felipe Rangel Olesino and the professionals associated with him. […] There will be many versions, only one fact! “.

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