July 24, 2024

Felipe Neto publishes mysterious posts and worries followers

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From depressive crisis to meltdown, fans think of many scenarios

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247 – Felipe Neto, 33, is among the most talked about topics on Twitter. The reason is the mysterious posts the influencer made to his Instagram profile. “Forgive me. Everything will be fine. One day,” he wrote in a post created from the source of the stories.

Then, it didn’t take long and fans started wondering about the disappearance of YouTubers on social media. Some are even starting to speculate why

One follower speculated that the reason for the mysterious post was the alleged termination of the influencer’s relationship.

After the fallout from the case, Felipe went back to his networks to ask for time: “I want everyone to respect and walk away,” he said.

a look:

Felipe's grandson

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