July 22, 2024

Felipe Neto says he’s depressed and releases on social media: ‘At the bottom of the well’ | pop art

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Felipe Neto says he's depressed and releases on social media: 'At the bottom of the well' |  pop art
Felipe Neto says he's depressed and releases on social media: 'At the bottom of the well' |  pop art

YouTuber Philip Neto, 33 years old, Went to social media yesterday afternoon (1) to vent. He recently ended a five-year relationship with influencer Bruna Gomez. Now, in the post, She says she suffers from depression and that she has help from family, friends, and medication.. He appealed to fans: “Depression is a disease of the mind, as gastritis is a disease of the stomach. Friends and family make you feel better, but without treatment, you will not cure this gastritis. Anyway, the bottom line is: seek help. Don’t face it alone. No more From Aff Text Messages

In video and text, Felipe said he fell “into the gutter.” “Many people say ‘You rich people do not suffer, because if you are sad just go to the Maldives’ – people forget that when we are in a 20 cm tube, there is no force to make us want to go to the Maldives.”

still in the same text, youtuber I talked about depression and how it deals with the disease. “Trying to tackle depression on your own is like going to the field by yourself and without a goalkeeper and trying to beat Flamengo. Or Corinthians. (…) You won’t win. I’m just here, standing, because since I drowned, my friends have organized in rotation so that people are always in my house, 24 hours a day “, vent.

“Remember I always said my friendships were never guided by influence, power, and money? Well… This is the value of a true friend. He’s dropping everything, ditching New Year’s Eve with his family, so he can keep you on your feet. So think about it for 2022: find and strengthen real friendships. Another thing that got me back on my feet? family. My mom suffers like hell, but she is my rock. Yesterday he brought me a primer and mousse. It’s the little things, it’s the details… What else keeps me going? The love you guys send to me. Surrealism. Unspeakable,” concluded Felipe Neto.

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In the last twenty-seventh of the influential figures Felipe Neto and Bruna Gomez split after five years of relationship. The two used their social media to announce that they are no longer together. Felipe’s press office has posted an official statement about the termination on the Influenciador Instagram.

Soon, it was Bruna’s turn to publish her report on the end of the relationship on the networks. The influencer said she was surprised by a phone call from Felipe announcing the split. Be sure: the surprise [de vocês] He is infinitely larger than me, contacted by phone and text, without a frank, mature and honest conversation, as it should be among those who live under one roof, and share dreams and anxieties; weddings and sorrows; storms and calms,” Bruna wrote.

“Filipe Neto’s press office has informed, especially to his fans, that the caller’s relationship with digital influencer Bruna Gomez has ended after nearly five years. Felipe thanks everyone for their affection and concern, to those who have been following them for years and who are truly encouraging for their happiness, well-being and mental health.”

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