July 14, 2024

fell apart! The trick increases your Nubank card limit by up to R$5,000

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fell apart!  The trick increases your Nubank card limit by up to R$5,000
fell apart!  The trick increases your Nubank card limit by up to R$5,000

Many people dream of getting credit purple digital bank nubankAnd Which is established as one of the most used digital banks, not only in Brazil, but all over the world. However, getting it is not so simple, or at least it was not.

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For those who have been struggling for some time to secure this Credit card The much-desired violet, the new launch of the Nubank credit card might just be the answer. Because only those who have the card are allowed to increase Limitbut also transfers a certain amount into a credit line for the customer to use as he pleases.

There are a number of people who may be eligible for this credit service based on their past financial history. And the best part? You can improve your customer bank relationship with this.

How to Increase Nubank Credit Limit Automatically?

To avoid any difficulties, the customer must reserve an amount from his account to be used as a maximum for the card and when credit is issued. The purchasing power of customers will be defined as the transferred balance, amounting to approximately R$5,000, simply by accessing the ‘Max Reserve’ option.

For example, if someone wants to save 600 BRL on their credit card, they will need to have that amount in their bank account and hold it for use on the card. As you spend money, your account balance alone will decrease.

Once the invoice is paid, the limit will be released to allow for new transactions. However, the account holder can still withdraw funds if they want to. This is ideal for people who want to purchase a product in installments or who want more independence in controlling their finances.

What’s new is that, in a short time, even if you have a Nubank card with its pre-approved limit, you will also be able to get credit using the “maximum hold” option.

How to keep account amounts as a Nubank credit line?

The steps are simple and practical! paying off:

  • access to the Nubank app;
  • Next, go to the credit card area and press “Set limit”;
  • Click “Book Limit”;
  • Next, read the information and continue;
  • Select the amount of the Nubank account you want to keep for maximum use of your credit card;
  • Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions before confirming;
  • Enter the 4-digit password for your card;
  • ready! It only takes a few minutes to reach your new Nubank credit card limit.

Important: Once the funds are held in your account to pay off your Nubank credit card, it will stop generating income.

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