May 31, 2023
Fenerbahce needs to open vaults to hire Gabigol;  See the values ​​- Flamingo - News and game Flamingo

Fenerbahce needs to open vaults to hire Gabigol; See the values ​​- Flamingo – News and game Flamingo

Turkish press targets FC Istanbul striker Jorge Jesus

name of Gabriel Barbosa It is talked about a lot in the Turkish press. With the prospect of Jorge Jesus signing with Fenerbahce (Turkey), FC Istanbul would be willing to invest in the striker and knock him out of the tournament. flamingo To serve the master on European soil. However, if they want to count on the scorer, the blue and yellow club will have to open their coffers: 33 million euros (about 169.8 million Brazilian riyals).

This amount is the amount of the termination penalty that a club must pay to flamingo If you want to hire Gabigol. This is because the striker has a link with Robro Negro until December 2024. According to the Turkish press, the 25-year-old is one of Jorge Jesus’ desires to take over Fenerbahce (Tour). Thus, the purchase of the athlete can be used by the Istanbul FC board of directors to strengthen the relationship with the coach he has scheduled meeting With the team this month.

It is not new that the name Gabriel Barbosa is linked to Jorge Jesus in a new club. The same thing happened when the master left flamingo 2020 and he went to coach Benfica (POR). Automatically, the striker was speculated in the Portuguese team, but the player followed him in Mais Querido. It is worth noting that Bruno Henrik and Gerson were also a topic in the local press at that time.

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The ball of the moment is Fenerbahce (TUR), which, if they decide to attempt an attack by Gabigol, will have to pay €33m to flamingo. This amount of severance pay is slightly higher than the striker’s market value on Transfermarkt, a football finance website. On the gate, the Brazilian is priced at 26 million euros, the peak of the market in his career that has been maintained since 2021.

Still without any official proposal on the table, Gabigol is getting ready with the cast flamingo for the next appointment. At 4:30 p.m. (Brazilian time) on Saturday (21), he faces Robro Negro Goiás, in the Maracana. For the seventh round of the Brazilian League, Paulo Sousa’s team urgently needs a win to escape the relegation zone and gain calm in the season sequence. And you’ll be able to follow all the bids, live, on Coluna do Fla’s broadcast, on YouTube.