May 30, 2023

Fernanda celebrates track and second place in MasterChef: “Gigante”

Fernanda asked and the universe answered…

Intuitive, mystical and, according to her, “a little charming,” the chef underwent an empowering process in the MasterChef Kitchen. When she was eliminated, she became suspicious of her ability. After a few days of grief, he found his inner strength and discovered strength. At that time, the contestant wrote her future in a notebook, asked for protection and trusted her beliefs.

Fernanda embraced her inner wolf and made her famous all over Brazil. Symbolized throughout his engagement, the animal represents strength and determination. “To be recognized as a wolf on national television is incredible. I am happy to reach people I don’t even know, and I hope they understand what it means to be women who run with wolves and be strong, respect and love each other,” he notes.

The future is coming, wolf

In a career transition since March, when she left engineering, Minas Gerais-based Patrosinho plans to continue studying to become a professional chef. “I am an amateur. I began to understand what techniques are and discovered that there are many products and methods of cooking. This is only the beginning, I intend to learn a lot and specialize. Studying is something that no one can take away from us,” he analyzed enthusiastically.

Although she had already left her old career when she joined the show, Fernanda says the experience helped her cement her true self. “When I look in the mirror, I no longer see myself as an engineer. I have already closed this course. Now, I see a beautiful blank page ready to be filled with whatever the gastronomy will bring me.” Hey!

Moving to São Paulo, Wolf plans to take advantage of the opportunities the city can provide in training and employment opportunities. But she knows that there is no “freedom without discipline.” The phrase he heard in one of the rituals is his motto for the future. “The freedom that I wanted to follow my dream came true only after I devoted myself so much. I am content with everything I’ve done for myself, but it doesn’t end here,” she wonders. Looking forward to the next chapters ya in!

What happened in the last episode of MasterChef Brasil

Twisted becomes crazy

In addition to the finalists, the judges and Ana Paula Padrao, the Season 9 finalist program also bagged 13 former entrants and the attendance of Fernanda and Lays family members. With a full mezzanine, there was a lot of emotion and guesswork about the menus and valuable advice. There were also pricks between the opposing groups.

Lots of good food

This was the first time in the season that kitchens were able to offer a to-do menu with an appetizer, main course, and dessert. Fernanda enlisted the help of friends who are already chefs to prepare her dishes inspired by the elements of nature. On the other hand, he told Liz a little about his life story with the ingredients that led to the fusion of Brazil and Japan.

Awards show

The champion of the edition was awarded the MasterChef Brasil 2022 Cup and a huge list of prizes worth 300,000 R$, a car, several kitchen utensils and two courses: one in Mixology and the other in Technologies at Le Cordon Bleu.