January 27, 2023
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Fernanda Gentile is shocked when she reveals the health of her pet: “I prayed with all my faith”

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this friday (31) Fernanda Gentile Revenge of a family drama experience.

Fernanda Gentile celebrates her 35th birthday with his wife at a restaurant in Rio

The announcer revealed that her pet dog ended up scaring everyone. A pet named Nala, who is 15, had a fall and in this incident the dog ended up breaking her paw, and what was already worrying was even worse with the discovery that her partner had a tumor.

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He fell alone last Tuesday. I realized I broke a paw and ran with her to the vet.”, started.

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When I got there, the fracture wasn’t “just”, which for me would be the biggest problem, just thinking about having an operation at age 15,” says the blonde. Discovery? “In addition to the fracture and a tumor.”

Following the guidance, the vets suggested a few options: either they would euthanize the animal or they would have surgery to remove its paw. “There was no way to fix the bone because it was too porous. There was no way to remove the tumor because it was already inside the broken bone,” he explains. The decision was not easy.”

I prayed all my faith, turned my head to hers and asked if she still had happiness in her heart to live. And she answered straight to my heart: “Yes.”, reports. “Now here we are, with Nalinha without a clutch, but with a lot of determination to stay with our family again.”

In the photo shared by Global, she said it was another problem generated by the whole situation: “Cause the splint on my arm, because I carried it so much, I had an effusion in the wrist joint.” For her, it was worth it..

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