November 28, 2023
Fernanda Lima E Rodrigo Hilbert

Fernanda Lima reveals she and Rodrigo Hilbert went back to sleep together in bed after three years: ‘Having sex again’

newly, Fernanda Lima Internet surprised Revealing that she has no free time to have sex with her husbandAnd the Rodrigo Hilbert. But it seems that the relationship between the two presenters has returned to that intensity. Through her Instagram, the blonde admitted Thursday (20) that the couple returned to an active sex life after three years.

Fernanda started the post by saying that she was shocked by the fallout from her talk about her relationship with her boyfriend during GNT’s ‘Bem Juntinhos’. “The most frequent topic on the nets is the fact that I said I was so tired from motherhood and the resulting sleep deprivation, that I had reached the point of not wanting sex,” He said.

After that, the presenter gave details about the reasons why the couple did not have sex for a long time. “Truth guys: Toddler, late postpartum, busy life. And I know I’m not alone in this, because I’ve been welcomed by thousands of women. And yes, we need to talk more about it and break taboos and appreciate our real life more.” But since it had so many repercussions, I didn’t want to leave the story unfinished.”I wrote.

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Lima concluded the post explaining how the relationship with Hilbert is currently. “It has been 7 days since my little daughter slept through the night (I will explain how later), I left the shared bed and gave Rodrigo the opportunity to go back to our double bed. That is, a new life again after 3 years. I am relaxed and having sex again”Been completed.

Despite the web’s reaction to Fernanda’s statement, this wasn’t the first time she had given details of the couple’s intimate life. In the first season of the show that aired last year, The businesswoman said she had sexual dreams about other men. “I once told him that at night, sometimes, we start dating, and almost all of the time the kids interrupt us, and there’s a little bit of frustration. And I go to sleep at night dreaming, not necessarily with him“, He said. to remember:

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