November 29, 2022
Ferrari vows to 'keep working' to challenge Red Bull after US setback

Ferrari vows to ‘keep working’ to challenge Red Bull after US setback

Mattia Pinotto talks about the Italian team’s performance in Austin

Photo: AFP / Grand Prix

Carlos Sainz Abandoned on first lap, Charles Leclerc He climbed into the peloton and made a recovery race as he reached the stage. All this, in the midst of success Red bull at A world of constructors gives F1 2022. I like it bittersweet, because, step by step Mattia Pinotto. Chairman Ferrari Analyzed it United States GP This Sunday (23), Max Verstappen won.


“Obviously there are mixed feelings after today’s race. It’s not his fault Carlos [Sainz] He retired after the first round. Charles [Leclerc]However, got on the field – it took him to the podium,” he said.

Despite being better in qualifying pace, Pinotto admitted that Ferrari lag behind Red Bull in race pace. Even so, the Italian team’s boss has promised to continue work on shortening the Taurus’ distance – in addition, revealing that 2023 has already become a priority at the team. Maranello.

Mattia Pinotto gives his assessment of the race in Austin

Mattia Pinotto gives his assessment of the race in Austin

Photo: Scuderia Ferrari Press Office / Grand Prix

“Compared to Red Bull, we know we have something lacking in racing these days – by winning the title today, they have honored their founder in the best possible way,” Pinotto said.

“We will continue to work to give them difficulties [Red Bull]Starting next week in Mexico, naturally, we are working hard on our preparation for the upcoming challenges of the upcoming season.”

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